Android Backup: 5 Reasons Why You Need Offline Mobile Backup

We are almost into 2018 and one can say without a shred of doubt that cloud-based backup is the next big thing. But how foolproof is an online cloud backup of Android devices compared to its offline alternative?

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For starters, cloud-based backups aren’t 100% foolproof. There have been instances where these online backups have failed. For few, it may be something as trivial as system apps failing to restore while for others it may be something as huge as losing a lifetime’s worth of money and information.

Cloud-based backups aren’t 100% foolproof.

Thus, it’s highly important that we keep a copy of our documents that are easily accessible. At the same time, it’s equally important to have an offline backup copy of important files and images and that’s when apps like Coolmuster Android Assistant come to play.

You may think of offline backup as inconvenient or an old method. In order to burst that bubble, we’ve highlighted the best 5 reasons you should use a PC-based Android backup service such as Coolmuster to keep an offline copy of all your important files.

1. Access Your Backup Files Easily

One of the worst scenarios in online backup services occurs when you need to stay connected to the Internet to execute the process. So, whether it’s something as trivial as retrieving a contact or recovering old photo albums, you’d need a seamless Internet connection.

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That’s when investing in apps such as Coolmuster makes sense. All you have to do is hook your phone to a computer and copy the contact list to a file. The good news is that all of these wrap up within a few clicks and it’s as simple as a walk in the park.

The best thing about this process is that the files will be available for use whenever you need them and you don’t need to depend on the Internet or any cloud-based servers.

2. Save on Bandwidth

If you’ve used any of the cloud services on your Android device, you must have seen the amount of bandwidth consumption, which is usually on the higher side.

If we were to talk numbers, a complete phone backup can easily take minimum 2GB of storage space while the maximum size can vary from one medium of files to another. On a good day, it’s anywhere between 5 and 7GB.

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If you were to compare the same with offline data backup, the question of bandwidth consumption won’t come into play since everything is offline just like old school.

3. No Need to Pay for Storage

Deducing cloud-based backups is no rocket science. While most services come with the free tagline, the terms and conditions often hide restrictions like “free up to 2GB”. Take the popular Google Photos for example.

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While it does lets you save unlimited high-quality photos, you’d have to shell out a few extra bucks if you want to save your photos in their original resolution.

On the other hand, a normal desktop has more than enough space to store your photos in their original resolution without asking for a penny.

4. The Advantage of the Big Screen

The essence of offline backup is not in staying dependent on any cloud-based service, which means that the restoration of apps, contacts or even media files is done within a few minutes.

Offline Data Backup

With tools such as Coolmuster, you can store your important text messages on your PC and, at the same time, use its cool SMS assistant to send messages.

What’s more? You can even manage your phone’s contact, remove duplicate entries or even edit existing ones directly from the PC.

5. Privacy-related Concerns

One of the worst side effects of online data backup is lack of privacy. In fact, one of my friends is so paranoid about personal privacy that he refuses to use any cloud-based services for backup. Reason?

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For one, he doesn’t want his pictures and documents floating on the Internet. Secondly, he believes cloud-based servers can be easily compromised and leak potentially sensitive data, and I wish I could disagree with him.

An offline backup will essentially provide a check against these potential threats, provided the PC in question has its necessary security software installed.

All Backed Up?

As mentioned above, a cloud-based Android backup isn’t all hale and hearty. In fact, choosing the correct cloud service or server is as important as securing your banking information.

Hence, a PC-based Android backup service such as Coolmuster is highly beneficial as it protects both your data and privacy. Moreover, the fact that it’s easily available as soon as you plug your phone into the PC makes it an easier and more convenient option.