Top 3 Cool Lofi Hip Hop Apps for Android

Lofi Hip Hop has seemingly taken the world by storm. One just has to look at the numerous Lofi Hip Hop YouTube streams and their chat activity to gain an appreciation of the strong following of this genre of music.

Top 3 Lofi Hip Hop Main

Lofi (an abbreviation for low fidelity) Hip Hop is usually mellow and is characterized by its imperfect sound (hisses and pops). This is also one of its main attractions, however. It could be said that Lofi Hip Hop is imperfectly perfect.

Tracks are usually made from a lofi beat with the lyrics originating from various sources. Lyrics are typically recorded specifically for a track, sampled from tracks that have already been recorded, taken from movie dialogue, taken from anime dialogue or even taken from speeches and interviews.

The sometimes haphazard nature of the lyrics can actually be quite fun. Some tracks are just purely instrumental as well.

YouTube is a treasure trove for Lofi Hip Hop but it isn’t your only source. There are Android apps that are dedicated to Lofi Hip Hop for your listening pleasure and convenience. With these apps, when you’re on your phone you won’t have to rely on having YouTube open to enjoy your favorite Lofi Hip Hop beats.

Here is our top three picks for Android Lofi Hip Hop apps.

Lo-Fi Radio – Work,Study,Chill

Lo Fi Radio Main

Lo-fi Radio has a pretty simple setup. Simply hit the play button to listen to a Lofi Hip Hop stream. The track information is also displayed. The app is free but if you purchase the premium version, you will have access to a shutdown timer and higher quality audio.

All of the music played on Lo-Fi Radio is available through the artists’ Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages.

Lo Fi Raio Premium Plan

Loffee – Lo-Fi Music

Loffee About

Loffe offers more control over the tracks you want to play when compared to Lo-fi Radio. In addition, the tracks are available even when offline. It should be noted, however, that the selection is limited to 5 playlists containing 8 tracks each.

To get started with Loffe, first choose the playlist you want to listen to.

Loffee Getting Started

The playlists are geared towards different types of vibes. For instance there’s Morning Coffee which has tracks which are good for when you have just woken up, and there is Rainy Days which contains slower tracks.

Loffee Playlists

Tracks are given names such as Roasted Beans which fall in line with the theme of the playlist. In order to view more information about the track that’s playing, hit the menu button.

Loffee Options

The Music info button will display the full details of a track. This includes the artist’s name, the title of the track and any associated artwork.

Loffee Music Info

There’s also a timer option which sets the app to play for a set amount of time. This is great for relaxing while in bed since it can help you to fall asleep. After the time is up you don’t have to worry about depleting your device’s battery. The app will automatically stop playing and the device will eventually sleep.

Loffee Timer

Chillhop Radio

Chillhop Radio Main

Chillhop Radio offers livestream videos and Lofi Hip Hop mix videos from YouTube. Where the app stands out, however, is its Music Radio option.

We already know that YouTube offers lots of Lofi Hip Hop content. With these Android apps we’re looking at, what is really appealing is having individual tracks/playlists or even a setup like Lo-Fi radio without being tied to Youtube. You can find this with Chillhop Radio’s Music Radio option.

Chillhop Radio Audio

Why Lofi Hip Hop Apps are a Good Thing

Having Lofi Hip Hop available through apps like the ones mentioned above make this art form more accessible. You aren’t tied to YouTube and you know exactly what you are going to get.

There are streaming radio apps out there which offer Lofi Hip Hop stations and tracks. However, they require that you do some digging to find content you really want to listen to. With these apps, you have exclusive access to great Lofi Hip Hop tracks.

If you are a seasoned Lofi Hip Hop fan or even if you have never listened before, try these apps to see if they fit your lifestyle.

Whether you’re studying, driving, gaming or just relaxing, Lofi Hip Hop played through these apps will make for some great background music.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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