10 Best Android Games You Can Play on Your TV with Chromecast

Google Chromecast lets you cast your favorite videos from your phone to your TV. However, you can do more with your HDMI dongle, including playing games. Currently, the list of games that are compatible with Chromecast is pretty small but it’s growing gradually.


Here’s a list of Chromecast-compatible Android games you can enjoy by streaming them directly to your TV. All you have to do is download the game to your Android device and connect it to the same Chromecast network.

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Monopoly is a classic board game enjoyed by a large number of people from various age groups across the world. The newest version of monopoly has a Chromecast-enabled app.

Monopoly Here

It sports a 3D board on the TV that you and your friends can navigate using your Android phones. The game also has a single player mode and up to four people can play the game in the multiplayer mode. Each player must have the game installed on their Android phone in order to play it.

Monopoly Here1

Just call your group of friends and play this classic board game on the TV. Have a blast!


2. Alien Invaders

Alien Invaders resembles the popular Space Invaders game. It can be played by up to six people simultaneously. The plot is pretty simple as you just have to control different defender ships fighting the alien attackers off.

Alien Invaders

Just shoot the aliens as they slowly come towards your spacecraft. Once you start a game, your phone would turn into a simple controller with three buttons. The gameplay gets tougher as you complete levels and there are more ships to destroy and more gunshots to avoid.

Alien Invaders1

I personally liked the graphics and the background music goes really well with the game. Playing it on a big screen is really fun.

Download Alien Invaders Chromecast Game

3. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds needs no introduction as the game has been a sensation since its launch. You can enjoy the classic bird-slinging game on a larger screen now.

Angry Birds

There are two new tournaments in Angry Birds with Friends every week and six new levels in each tournament.

Angry Birds1

You can challenge your friends to be on the top spot of the world leaderboard.

Download Angry Birds Friends

4. Draw King

Draw King is similar to Pictionary where your goal is to guess what the other player is drawing as fast as possible. This multiplayer drawing game offers one turn to each player.

Draw King

You can score points by guessing the word first. If you’re correct, the person who’s drawing will receive the most points.

Draw King1

This is a great game to play when your friends and family come over for a party. This is a multiplayer game so you will need a second Android phone and, of course, a Chromecast.

Download Draw King

5. Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans is another multiplayer game, in which you and four of your friends compete against one another until there is a winner. In each round, players must choose between attacking, defending or powering up.

Tricky Titans

You can choose to defend your village, attack another player, or charge your abilities.

Tricky Titans1

While the gameplay is simple enough for anyone to pick up, the amount of strategy required to outlast your competition offers just enough challenge to make the game pretty enjoyable.

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6. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a dance simulator and works similar to other dance games on consoles. The objective is to follow movements of dancers on the TV. The phone acts as a motion controller and tracks your moves.

Just Dance

You can see your scores for the dance moves as they happen. The game adds new songs and exclusive content every month. There are over 300 available songs, including 42 songs from the latest installment available only on video game consoles — Just Dance 2017.

Just Dance1

Call your friends home and arrange a dance-off on your favorite tunes. You can even sweat it out while playing this game in case you have missed your workout for the day.

Download Just Dance Now

7. Doodlecast for Chromecast

Doodlecast is another fun drawing game for your Chromecast. The gameplay is pretty simple — one player picks a word to draw on their Android phone or tablet while the others try to guess it.


You need at least two players with Android devices in the same room to play this game. The drawing and the guesses are displayed simultaneously on the TV.


Other players in the room can see what’s being drawn on the TV and use their phones to guess the word. It’s like playing Pictionary but on a larger screen.

Download Doodlecast

8. Up Down Fish for Chromecast

Up Down Fish has a gameplay similar to the popular game, Flappy Bird. You and your friends have to compete to guide a fish through a series of pipes.

Updown Fish

Similar to Flappy Bird, the game gets frustrating if you are unable to score high points. I was not sure to put this game on the list as it was last updated in 2014. But I tried the game and it works great without any glitches and lags.

Updown Fish1

Also, don’t ask my score as it is in single-digits even after playing the game for half an hour!

Download Up Down Fish for Chromecast

9. RISK: Global Domination

RISK: Global Domination is a classic board game that brings out the competitive streak in everyone. You have to defend your territories, draft troops and launch attacks for the ultimate conquest against friends, family, and foes.


The game can be played against random players online, as well as with your friends, using pass and play. Up to six players can play at a time. The main goal is to eliminate all other players and take control of their territories in a turn-based system.


It has multiple maps and beautiful graphics. Try and let us know how you found it.

Download RISK: Global Domination

10. Fire Team for Chromecast

Fire Team is all about bombing your friends in a virtual world. The gameplay is simple, place your bombs strategically on the set playfield in order to trap other players in the upcoming explosion. The last man standing is the winner.

Fire Team

The game has retro visuals and can be played with up to six players. There are four different game modes — Survival, Deathmatch, Team vs Team, and Capture the flag.

Fire Team1

Each player must turn their smartphone into the landscape mode and uses it as a gamepad to control their character on the TV screen.

Download Fire Team for Chromecast

Do More with Your Chromecast!

Your Chromecast can turn your living room TV into an arcade zone with these games. So, when are you planning your next Chromecast game party?

Which of the above games are you excited to try? Let us know.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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