5 Best Android Caf­feine Intake Cal­cu­la­tor Apps

Gaurav Bidasaria

Caffeine offers a lot of health benefits but you know what they say about all the good things in life. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

This is not to say that you must stop consuming it at all. Instead of giving caffeine up, you should start monitoring it.

Android Caffeine Intake Calculator App

According to Mayo Clinic, consuming 400mg of caffeine daily is supposed to be safe for adults. Most apps seem to follow the same rule.

A lot of people don’t even know how much caffeine they are draining down until they become an addict. Prevention is always better than cure. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look some of the best Caffeine intake calculator apps for the Android platform.

1. Caffeine Tracker

Caffeine Tracker will help you to track your daily caffeine consumption by allowing you to input values like name of the coffee you are sipping on, drink size (oz or ml), and the amount of caffeine it has in mg.

Caffeine Tracker Layout

I like the pie charts and graphs that it automatically created on the fly. A color coded graph will display the level of caffeine in your blood, amount you have consumed but is yet to hit your bloodstream, and metabolized caffeine.

You can add custom drinks too if you don’t find yours in the dropdown menu. The entire data can be exported in CSV format. The app will cost you just $0.99 but is well worth every penny.

Interesting Fact: Every individual is unique and coffee proves this point beyond doubt! According New York Magazine, caffeine affects everyone differently depending on birth control, age, sex, race, and gender.

2. Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine Calculator is a rather simple app with a limited number of coffee recipes to choose from. Although the options are limited, the UI is functional and easy to use. Select the drink from the dropdown menu, choose between ml/oz, and size of the cup.

Caffeine Calculator

Some people tend to consume one cup after another which is why Caffeine Calculator will let you choose the number of cups as well. I selected Coca-Cola (300ml) which apparently has 28.9mg of caffeine!

The app is good and has potential but for some reason, the developer seems to have abandoned it. So, we move on with our hunt.

So far, Kofe+ offers the most extensive list of coffee names to choose from and worked as advertised.

Cool Fact: You are not the only one addicted to caffeine. According to Villanova University, 90% of the US population is consuming an average of 300mg of caffeine daily. That's a big market!
Caffeine Per Day

While I like the ability to track how much caffeine is entering my system because of all those sodas, the app is asking me my age everytime I open it. It’s annoying though takes less than a second.

5. Caffeine Counter Free

Caffeine Counter is a free but ad-supported app that will monitor your daily/monthly caffeine intake and help you stay within limits. This is the first app in the list that I think has a good UI. A neat date widget with today’s stats.

If you are a Starbucks regular and live in the US or Europe, you will love this app even more. This is because they have separate options for Starbucks with their entire menu on offer.

Caffeine Counter Free

Just select the item and you will know its content. While Starbucks list is extensive, the number of options available otherwise is not up to par with what I saw in other caffeine counter apps for Android.

The charts look better with each day marked with consumption along with the total. Like I said, the UI is pretty neat and functional.

There is a separate option for women who are pregnant. Ideally, according to the app, you mustn’t consume more than 200mg of caffeine daily.

Powered by Caffeine

If you are one of those people who need caffeine like a smartphone needs charging, then you also need one of the above apps to monitor your caffeine intake. Drink coffee and stay healthy.

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