6 Best Android Apps to Learn About Animals

When I was a kid, my mom used to buy these colorful books with animal pictures. Each picture had a name and sometimes, interesting facts about the animal. Even a tiger looked innocent and harmless!

Apps To Learn About Animals

Things are different now. Parents are increasingly relying on educational apps to teach their kids and help them learn about the animal kingdom. These apps are intuitive as well as interactive, bringing a whole new set of dynamics to the learning process.

Today, we will look at some of the best Android apps to learn about animals in new and different ways. Let’s begin.

1. Animal Sounds

This is a fun app. Remember how you used to make funny faces while trying to roar like a lion or meow like a cat? We had to rely on television for that and like all kids, we were told not to watch too much of it.

Animal Sounds is an education app for your kids to help them learn about animals and the sounds that they make. The UI was kept fairly simple keeping toddlers in mind. Simply select the animal picture that fancies your kiddo’s attention to hear it’s sound.

Apps To Learn About Animals Animal Sounds

Upon selecting the animal of your choice, you will see a picture of the animal and hear its voice. It will be followed by a short video of the animal, not animated but a real recorded video in motion. You can control the video and auto-next feature which will otherwise move on to the next animal automatically.

The app is free to download and is ad-supported.

2. Animals Quiz

Reading names of animals by looking at the picture is not the same as taking a quiz to know how much you really remember. This is why Animal Quiz is a great game for your kids to play. The interface is divided into fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles & amphibians.

Choose a category and you get multiple options for the gameplay. You can choose between multiple choice questions, time-based game, flashcards, and also select difficulty level.

Apps To Learn About Animals Animal Quiz
Apps To Learn About Animals Animal Quiz 2

There is a point system in place which will give your kiddo a competitive feeling, fueling his desire to get it right.

There is an option called Table that contains a list of all the animals and birds catalogued in the app. Select anyone to see the pic.

The UI is simple, pretty straightforward, and you can reset progress anytime you want. The app is free and ad-supported.

3. Petting Zoo

The above Android apps are good to learn about animals in an interactive environment, letting your kids progress at their own pace. But even that can be boring sometimes. Kids are curious by nature about anything and everything and quickly move from one thing to another.

This is where Petting Zoo comes into the picture. Not exactly a learning tool but nonetheless an educational app. It comes with handdrawn animals that will move around and do funny actions when interacted with. The background music is fun to listen to.

Apps To Learn About Animals Petting Zoo

Think of it as an adorable animal app infused with humor for those moments when your kids want to visit the zoo, in their imaginary minds!

Petting Zoo is a paid app that will cost you $2.99 but will make your kid smile and laugh with amazement and wonder.

4. Fish Farm

A lot of people have an aquarium in their home. While kids cannot and should not play with the aquarium, there are other ways to learn more about the marine life. Fish Farm is an interactive game that will teach your kiddo how to take care of these animals.

Apps To Learn About Animals Fish Farm

The app has a beautiful, colorful, and interactive layout with 3D effects. Your kids will learn how to feed them, take care of them, learn more about their habitat, and also play with them. There are over 20 different types of aquariums, each with their own ecosystem and collection of fishes based on the water and environment. Neat.

Kids can decor their aquariums or also set them as live wallpapers. The app is free to download but comes with in-app purchases to unlock more aquariums and features.

5. Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

There are so many different ways, and different apps, to learn about animals. Solving jigsaw puzzles is just one of them. Instead of showing pictures to your kids and asking them names, why not let them create the picture itself?

Apps To Learn About Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

The gameplay is simple and suitable for even grown up children. There are hundreds of pictures to choose from and the app is updated daily with a pic of the day. You can choose the size of the jigsaw puzzle which will then increase the number of pieces you need to put together.

The app is free to download but ad-supported and comes with in-app purchases. You don’t need an internet connection either.

6. Puppy Dog Dress Up & Care

In the world of deception and betrayals, dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They are loyal, caring, and downright adoring. This is why so many people have them as pets. Teaching the kids about your four-legged friend is important. There’s an app for that!

Apps To Learn About Animals Puppy Dog Dress Up Care

Puppy Dog Dress Up & Care will teach your kids how to look after this special family member. They will learn about this divine animal by feeding them, dressing them, and finally playing with them.

This is a good way to teach them the importance of caring and loving early on in their life. There is a lot of choice when it comes to clothes, toys, play locations, food, and bowls. A fun role-playing game.

The app is free with ads and in-app purchases for different items.

Man’s Best Friend

Just because we have evolved doesn’t mean we are not part of the animal kingdom, or the food chain associated with it. Teaching kids to identify animals can not only help them in the school, but also teach them some valuable life lessons.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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