Here’s All You Need to Know About Bluetti AC500 Power Generator

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Bluetti is ready with the successor to the popular A500 power station. Like its predecessor, the AC500 portable power station is designed to provide power whenever needed. More importantly, this iteration improves capacity, battery technology, and app compatibility.

All About Bluetti AC500 Power Generator1

If you venture out in your RV on a cross-country trip or love camping out in the wild, the Bluetti AC500 will be apt for your need. It’s powerful enough to let you run your appliances like ovens and coffee machines seamlessly. Plus, it pairs effortlessly with battery packs like the Bluetti B300S. The AC500 can power your house during power cuts and blackouts when required.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the Bluetii AC500 power generator.

1. Huge Power Capacity & Modular Design

The AC500 power generator packs a power capacity of 5000W. The modular design allows you to pair it with modular battery packs like the B300 and B300S to boost the cumulative power. And this makes it highly efficient to run devices like laptops, ovens, and coffee machines with ease.

It supports up to six B300 power packs. That can give you a cumulative power of 18,432W. Furthermore, you can connect two AC500 power stations in series via a Fusion Box Pro (sold separately) to amp up the power to 36,864Wh. That’d make it one heck of a powerhouse for your camp.

The good thing is that the power station and the modular power packs are compact. That helps when you have to move them around in your RV or yard for barbeque parties.

2. Uninterrupted Power Supply

Apart from being your backup device for power, the AC500 can also double up as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). It provides enough power to help you ride out small power hiccups and fluctuations. When connected, it can detect a power failure and acts in a few seconds. This way, all your devices get the power to stay on.

As per Bluetti, the UPS function of the AC500 can power high-powered devices like fridges, ovens, microwave ovens, and heaters.

3. Ample Number of Ports

A huge amount of power would be meaningless if you can’t connect enough devices and appliances. Thankfully, the AC500 makes up for it with its ample number of ports. The A500 features 16 ports. Along with conventional AC ports, it packs four USB-A ports and two USB-C ports.

The USB-C ports support Power Delivery with up to 100W. You can connect your compatible laptop and smartphone with USB Type-C and Power Delivery support to make the best of the fast charging.

The handy LED screen makes it easy to tweak the settings or view the remaining power details.

4. Seamless Charging

The Bluetti AC500 power generator also supports seamless charging methods. This power station supports a total of 9 charging ways. Apart from conventional AC charging and Lead-Acid battery charging, it also supports charging via solar panels. You can charge it via your car’s cigarette lighter port.

The best part is that you can also use two-three charging methods at the same time. For instance, you can plug in the AC500 to a standard wall outlet and solar panels and have a fully charged power station in about an hour.

More importantly, the charging speed is fast. Even when you use solar charging (which is comparatively slow compared to conventional wall charging), you can have a fully-charged power station in less than 3 hours.

5. Advanced Battery Tech

Another factor that makes the Bluetti AC500 stand out from the other power generators is its LiFePO4 battery cells. These cells are known for their long battery lifecycles and optimal charging tech. That translates into long-term use and low maintenance cost. The LiFePO4 cells can run more than 3,500+ charge and discharge cycles.

Also, these cells are highly efficient, and you will be able to use up to 80% of their capacity in the long run. LiFePO4 batteries are highly versatile and can operate in a wide temperature range. So even if you drive into a high-temperature (or low-temperature) zone, you are not likely to see any changes in battery performance.

6. App Support

Bluetti AC500 comes with a companion app to make monitoring and managing convenient. You can control the power station remotely from your phone. Naturally, this makes it easy and convenient to switch it off or on or check the charging status.

Big Power in a Small Package

These were some of the noteworthy features of the Bluetti AC500 power station. If you have some long camping or cross-country trips planned this year and do not want to compromise on the quality of your life, you should certainly check out the Bluetti AC500 and the B300S power pack.

The AC500 and the B300S will be available on Indiegogo post their release.