LiveTree ADEPT: The Blockchain for The Entertainment Industry

Media and entertainment are one of the largest and the fastest growing industries globally, yet it faces a number of challenges that mainly come due to the lack of transparency. How do things work? Who calls the shots? Which topic is more relevant to the viewers? Some of these question or maybe all of them do not have a direct answer. However, with LiveTree ADEPT, the brand is on a mission to change this once and for all.

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When we talk about transparency, the media industry is heavily guarded and no one really knows what goes on behind the screen. We all are a part of this industry because we are the ultimate consumer. But, did we ever stop to think that is there a way by which we can be a bigger part of this industry, than by just being the person sitting in front of the screen, seeing what we are shown? The answer is no.


In this era of internet information flow is hard to contain. The only problem is that the information is not available in the public domain. That’s where the ADEPT blockchain system comes in place and with it, being a bigger part of the media and entertainment industry is easier than you think. However, before that, we need to understand how this unique blockchain works in tandem with this industry? In this post, we will talk about what this blockchain is all about and how is it going to benefit people, including you.

How Does The Blockchain Really Work?

We all are aware of the concept of the blockchain. It’s a chain of data blocks that are stored in public domain so that every person with the means has access to it. However, that’s just the principle and how the data is actually stored on a blockchain is quite complex yet intriguing.

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The Blockchain is a system of identical records that are decentralized. Here decentralization means that there is no single entity protecting the entire data, instead, every person on the chain has the exact same data.

This helps by offering unmatchable transparency and by offering a very high level of security. This all happens because the data stays public and there is hardly any chance of one person tampering with the data. If anyone wants to tamper with the information, they would be required to change that exact information on all the systems in a chain to make it valid which is technically impossible.

LiveTree ADEPT: Blockchain for The Entertainment Industry

Blockchain was first used for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and today it is a huge success through its application in various domains. The entertainment industry as we see today has a lot of issues with the way things move around. People have no control over the content being made, there is very little transparency in operations and nobody knows anything about how much money is flowing in and who is controlling it.

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To simplify operations and to offer a transparent yet robust system we now have LiveTree ADEPT. This system has a number of advantages and offers solutions for almost all the problems that the media industry faces today.

With the help of LiveTree ADEPT, all operations are made transparent since everything operates on the blockchain. Content creators can decide to hire the best talent, even if that person operates as an individual. It offers a great deal of security and above all, users can now decide what content they wish to watch and get it made. Among these, there are several other benefits that LiveTree ADEPT has to offer:-

Digital Contracts

One of the many problems that content creators face today, the signing of contracts between parties is one area where LiveTree ADEPT really simplifies things. This system has a series of digital contracts that can be easily signed between two or more parties. That’s simple, but, what makes this system really unique is the distribution.

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Once a contract is signed it is distributed on the blockchain which makes it immutable and leaves no room for anyone to tamper with. While these benefits are there, LiveTree ADEPT also offers considerable savings on the fee that needs to be paid to the third-party service providers.

Not only do content creators benefit from this but, it also opens up new avenues for individuals to offer their services.

Simplifying Payments

With the use of a blockchain, LiveTree ADEPT helps in simplifying payments with the help of seeds. Seeds are very similar to stocks that people buy or trade with. At the time of signing a digital contract, seeds are allocated to individuals or service providers depending on their level of involvement in a project.

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Once the project is over, they can be easily converted into the currency of their choice by converting them into ethereum.

Similar to digital contracts, a blockchain helps by offering a greater deal of transparency in payments and money flow. Since all the details are available in public domain, each and every member knows about their payout since the beginning of the project.

Power to the Supporters

Another very useful feature implemented by LiveTree ADEPT is the power given to the viewers to pledge their support for the content they want to see. Users can choose which production they wish to see being made and can support that project through digital currency.

This is quite similar to crowdfunding, however, there are better benefits for the viewers as well. When they pledge their support, they are given seeds and other perks, which increase in value based on the popularity of the selected production. Once the project is completed, they can simply trade these seeds and benefit out of that.

Along with supporters, people who help in creating publicity for a project are also awarded seeds which in turn is a benefit that no other platform offers as of now.

Better Product Marketing and Effective Piracy Countermeasures

Since there are a number of benefits for supporters as well as for people who help in promoting any project, the creators do not have to hire dedicated agencies to support them. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and it is implemented very well for this system.

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Along with all these benefits, LiveTree ADEPT also takes care of piracy with the help of the blockchain. Since all the content is digitally cataloged, it becomes very difficult to pirate the content. This helps content creators get maximum returns for their hard work and piracy is something that the current media industry is working very hard to fight, but, it is turning out to be a futile effort.

How LiveTree ADEPT is a Good Idea for Individuals

There are several benefits of a shared ledger system or a blockchain system. Everything is transparent and the distribution of profit is also not controlled by a single person. With the help of digital contracts, individual service providers are also given equal opportunity to showcase their talent, who otherwise would not get the opportunity in the current scenario.

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Backers also get a slice of this action and get well rewarded for pledging their support to any project.

Lastly, people who help in creating publicity and in turn help in marketing the project are also rewarded for their support.

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