How to Add Apps to Sam­sung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the newest smartwatches from Samsung. It has the looks and the features that push it to be one of the good smartwatches out there. What makes this fitness-oriented smartwatch so special is that it lets you install apps on it, just like you can do on your smartwatch. That gives you the independence to seek apps and function that is otherwise missing.

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An naturally, with these apps on your Galaxy Active 2, you'll be able to expand the functionality of these watches. For instance, this watch doesn't let you add reminders for drinking water, though it has a water counting widget. The same is true for voice memos. Though it has a speaker, you can't add voice notes natively.

That's when third-party apps come to the pictures. From taking notes to reminding you at fixed intervals and tracking your runs, these apps raise the functionality of your smartwatch.

But the main question is — how do you add apps to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2? Well, that's what we are going to find out in this post today. Let's get started.

How to Install Apps to Galaxy Watch Active 2

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. If you're on a non-Samsung device and if this is your first time accessing the said app, you'll have to create a Samsung ID to get through.

After that, tap on the Discover tab at the bottom, tap on the header, and you'll be transported to the Galaxy Store.

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Step 2: Touch the three-dot menu at the upper-right corner and pick Apps from the list.

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How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4

Now, tap on the Install button, and the app will be installed in a bit. All you have to do is unlock the Active 2, launch the app from the App Launcher, and get going.

How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 6
How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 5

Depending on the type of app, you may require to install a companion app on the smartwatch as well.

Managing Apps on the Galaxy Active 2

Installing apps on the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is not a one-way road. You can easily uninstall and organize them as per your preference. All you need to know is the way to do it.

To rearrange and organize the apps, head over to the Wearable app on your phone, and tap on Apps. Next, tap on Reorder and drag the icons to the place of your choice.

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How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 9

The mantra is simple — keep the apps that you frequently use on the first screen and push the others to the next screen.

Having made all the changes, simply tap on Save to well, seal the deal.

Pro Tip: You can also arrange the apps in a list form by selecting Layout > List. The downside to this process is that you can't rearrange the icons as per your preference.

To uninstall apps on this smartwatch, tap on the Manage apps on the Apps screen. Just tap on the Minus icon to remove the respective apps.

3 Best Free Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

1. Voice Memo

If you love taking impromptu notes, the Voice Memo app is one of the best apps for you. What makes this app special is that not only does it help you take notes, but it also transfers these notes to your phone seamlessly. Yep, you read that right.

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Voice Memo is simple and straightforward to use. Just press a button, and the voice recorder will start recording. What's more, all the old recordings is accessible from your smartwatch at the tap of a button.

How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 2

I use this app often. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to remove all the old recordings.

2. ToDo Manager

If taking voice notes doesn't seem like a seamless option, you should certainly try out the ToDo Manager app. As its name implies, it helps you create simple To-dos.

How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 1

This app comes with a mini T9 keyboard (yep, like the Nokia 1100) using which you can add the text and description to your To-Do.

How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 4

To install this app, search for the app in the Galaxy Store and install it.

3. One Camera

OneCamera is a nifty little app that lets you turn your smartwatch into a little remote for your camera. This app comes in great use in huge gatherings.

How To Add Apps To Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 6

For that, you need to have the apps in your watch and the phone. When the time comes, you need to it the shutter button on your phone to grab an image.

The only issue is that the app takes a bit of time to connect to the app on your phone. On the upside, the sync is pretty seamless.

Get the Most out of Your Smartwatch

With the right third-party apps by your side, you can maximize the potential of your smartwatch by many folds. Plus, add a few songs to the mix, and you will have a truly smart gadget in your lap ... I mean, wrist.

Next up: Did you know you can stream songs using your watch without the phone? Read the article below to see how to add Spotify Premium to your smartwatch.

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