How to Auto-Post Birthday Wishes on Facebook Walls of Friends

Birthdays come and birthdays go. And more often than not we miss wishing our friends, all thanks to the hurly-burly of our lives. This is especially true of our online network of friends too. Even with Facebook birthday reminders we forget to wish them on time. We may not be logging in every day, or we may just be blind-sighted by the torrent of interesting posts that ram into our profiles each day. It’s paradoxical, but isn’t technology supposed to come in handy when our memory fails us?

With a site like birthdayFB you can say that all hope is not lost yet. birthdayFB is a neat little Facebook “helper” that automatically posts birthday wishes on the walls of your Facebook friends. So, let’s call birthdayFB a real face-saver and a truer friend. Just like Sean, a loyal reader who sent us this very handy tip. Don’t forget to thank him in the comments.

There are quite a few apps of its ilk, but the best thing about birthdayFB is that it does not let your friends know that you are relying on a third-party tool to remember their birthdays. The secret stays safe with the web service. Here’s a screen from the homepage that shows how the site sets about sending the ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to your friends. It’s a simple 3-step process:

Birthday Fb01

How to Use birthdayFB to Customize Auto-Posting Birthday Wishes on Facebook Walls

Now, let’s connect with Facebook and see how it actually works from the inside. birthdayFB asks for permission to access your data. Note that birthdayFB will post scheduled birthday wishes as ‘you’ and won’t leak that it’s scheduled via a tool.

Birthday Fb02

After that you can see a list of upcoming birthdays. I have blanked out the names deliberately for privacy reasons.

Birthday Fb03

Click on the tiny drop down and select Write Message for sending a birthday wish to a selected friend. You can also go into the Write Messages section from the top toolbar to compose your messages.

Birthday Fb04

Choose from a bunch of canned birthday greetings or go creative to write a personalized birthday wish. You can put a check on the box and save it as a canned message. You can see the full stock of canned messages on the site’s Canned Messages section.

Birthday Fb05

Do you want to schedule a different time slot from the usual 9-11 am one? Go into Preferences and tweak the settings.

Birthday Fb06

That’s all there is to it. Come the appointed day, and your friends will automatically receive a birthday wish on their walls. You won’t be accused of being an insensitive forgetful chum.

As they say, all’s well that ends well! Give birthdayFB a try and give us a shout if you like what the app does.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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