Using Cus­tom Short­cuts to Enhance Brows­ing Experience

Sandeep Agarwal


Don’t you find it tiring to keep typing a website’s URL each time you visit it? Yes, the browsers are smart these days and they usually auto-complete the address but it isn’t without its flaws and could leave you desired for more and better most of the time. (Image credit: arvindgrover)

Bookmarks can help too but I consider it a waste of time for regular visits. Rather, typing is faster than looking through the bookmark list. Yet, they are needed when we cannot remember a URL.

Somehow, you do not want to type nor you want to scour through your bookmark list. Well, there are better way to open your most visited sites. Let us show you how to do this by assigning shortcuts and abbreviations to your favorite websites. Apart from discussing the regular methods, we also talk about a cool Chrome add-on called Shortcuts Extension towards the end of this post, so read on!

Cool Tip: Did you know that Ctrl + L puts the focus of your cursor to the address bar on Chrome and Firefox? Ctrl + K  puts in on the search box.

Using Keywords and Tags on Firefox

I have Guiding Tech residing on my bookmark bar. So, I right-clicked on it to launch the Properties window. You may launch it by following the bookmark tool as well.

Firefox Bookmark Properties

I gave it a tag named GT. We have also looked at the role of Keywords in an earlier article. You must read it to understand use of Keywords and Tags.

Tag Firefox Bookmark

Whenever I need to open the website for Guiding Tech I just type GT on my address bar and hit Enter.

Firefox Using Tag

Using Bookmark Names on Chrome

Again there are multiple ways to edit a bookmark but I prefer to go with the right click option and choose Edit.

Chrome Edit Bookmark

In the window that comes up, give your bookmark a short name like GT and save it.

Name Bookmark In Chrome

Next time you want to open that website, type the name on the address bar and the suggestion list will show the required option. You could just type and hit enter actually.

Search By Name Chrome

You might also want to learn about the usage and setting up of keywords on Chrome.

Shortcuts Extension for Chrome

The above two methods are good but require a bookmark base to work upon. With the Chrome Shortcuts Extension things become simpler. Install it and customize keys as a personal choice.

To add a new shortcut you need to type > followed by space or tab. This takes you to the Shortcuts Mode. Now, type +shortcut-name website-URL like in the image shown below.

Adding Shortcut

To remove any shortcut toggle to Shortcuts Mode, type –shortcut-name. For every addition and removal you will receive a desktop notification.

Desktop Notification

In order to change settings follow to Tools->Extensions->Options. Excitingly, you may open it by typing a non-existing shortcut. It allows you to customize the behavior of desktop notifications and unknown shortcut action.Adding new shortcuts or removing existing ones is also a possibility.

Extension Settings


The methods described above can be really helpful in speeding up your browsing activity. No more scanning of bookmark list and no more relying on the new tab interface.

Quick, easy and simple browsing! Readers, have Guiding Tech replaced by GT in your bookmarks to begin with and get started on the fun! 🙂

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