Make the Most Out Of Events/Conferences With Presdo, Presdo Match

The world may be closer now, but in no way has it solved the problem of scheduling satisfactory meeting times between two people or a group. In the real world, it could be our busy work loads. In the online world, it is more often than not a case of clashing time zones. It gets more complicated if there’s a group involved, each staying in separate corners of the world.

Earlier, emails and chat were the tools you could turn to for scheduling, but it didn’t make the whole thing any less complicated. Digital scheduling tools have arrived to make scheduling events and meetings easier.

Presdo is a simple web service that makes the job of finding common times for meetings hassle free. You start off by registering and logging in (you can use your Gmail ID too). The simple field as shown in the screenshot is for entering the time you think is right for the meeting.


Creating Event or Meeting Invites With Presdo

The detailed Presdo page is where all the action takes place. You can give the event a name. I have gone with the default ‘Get Together’ title here. Pencil in the contacts who should be in the meeting and pick a location with the help of a Google Map.


The calendar is where you can set the time-zone and mark 3 times for any event. With the times proposed, you can send across the invite to your contacts. They receive the invitation in their emails to respond via the Presdo link.


Recipients can pick the opportune time (one or all that gets proposed) or suggest another along with a message. If the time is confirmed, it can also be automatically entered into your Outlook, iCal, Yahoo, or Google calendars.


The accepted time comes back to the meeting organizer who can choose to accept it. Setting up these meetings brings into play the web app’s own proprietary Time Suggestion Engine technology. It basically keys out the best time windows among a set of calendars, and using its algorithm, picks several good times from this time availability to help people come to an understanding on a final time for the event.

What’s handy for online workers is that Presdo keeps track of different time zones and schedules events according to each member’s time zone. The participants can set the time zone manually too.

A Little Note on Makin the Most of Your Meetings with Presdo Match

Let’s take the example of a meeting where people are coming together for the first time. Presdo Match is a new social / business networking tool that aims to tap into the interactions that happen during the meeting and take it forward. Presdo Match is an online platform which pulls in profile information of all attendees and provides a networking medium among all of them. Presdo Match is a paid service and requires membership.

Set up your next meeting with Presdo and let us know if getting together was finally worth all the effort…or lack of it, thanks to Presdo’s automatic scheduling.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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