How to Share Parts of a Website as Images With all Links Intact

There are a number of ways to share information online. In fact, I should say there are a number of ‘mediums’ because the way of sharing is more or less the same: passing on the link of the webpage you want to share. It’s a quick method but not convenient if it’s a lengthy content-filled page and you only want to share a part of it. Sharing a screenshot of that portion could work but that would be a static image and one can’t click the links on it.

Today we will talk about a cool browser add-on and web service that can be used to share any part of a website as an image map. Kwout helps you cut out a portion from any web page and bring the same to use with all links intact as on the original. Is this not interesting? You could now share a specific part of a website instead of the entire link. Check out the example below.

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Using kwout on Firefox

Step 1: Follow the link to install kwout add-on to Firefox. Restart your browser once done.

Step 2: If you would like to ‘kwout’ any page, right-click on an empty space and choose Quote this page.

Firefox Quote Page

Step 3: Drag the mouse pointer (which now looks like +) over the intended share area. Its dimensions will appear on a separate pop-up. Once you say Cut Out  you will be navigated to an upload window.

Firefox Cut Area

The Screenshot tab lets you choose from the visible area or entire page. You may optionally save the image or move it to the clipboard.

Firefox Choose Screenshot Type

Step 4: The scroll can be used to adjust image size. Again, you may save it or choose to Upload.

Firefox Preview Upload

Step 5: Read the last section of the article: Upload Image Map.

Using kwout on Chrome

Step 1: Follow the link to install kwout add-on to Google Chrome.

Step 2: If you would like to kwout any page, look for the K icon from amongst your extension list. Click on the icon.

Kwout Chrome Icon

Step 3: The color of the page changes a little. Drag your mouse over on area you wish to cut and share. This time you have the Upload button only.

Chrome Cut Area

Step 4: Read the next section of the article: Upload Image Map.

Upload Image Map

We will now tell you what you may do with your image map. In the last step you will be navigated to a different interface. It shows the image on the right and couple of options on the left.

Upload Image

Before actually posting the image you might want to edit its size and spice it up a bit. You may choose to share the image without any map or links as well. Also, you may allow or restrict everyone to quote it.

What matters is the post option. To share the image, lets say on your blog, you will have to copy the self generated HTML snippet and embed in your website. You may share it in the same way on almost all social networking websites and even email it to a friend.


Creating an image map from scratch can get really tough. With kwout things are pretty easy and simple. Moreover, it lets you share a specific portion of a website which could save your audience a lot of time.

Know of any other such methods to selectively share parts of a website? Tell us in the comments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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