AutoMouseClicker Automates Your Mouse Clicks

Some programs and apps require repetitive clicks in the same manner. For example, counter strike game needs continuous click to fire the selected weapon. Now, unless you enjoy the process (like in a game), clicking repeatedly to get some work done could become irritating.

Auto Mouse Clicker is a free software which can help you in this by automating your mouse clicks according to the defined script. You can automate left or right clicks according to settings.

Download and install the software on your computer. After opening it, you will see a screen as shown in the screenshot below. You can select coordinates of location where you want to automate a click. You can also select which click (left or right click) you want to automate.

Auto Mouse Clicker

You’ll find a number of customization options in the options menu. You can activate hyper click (automatically clicks the position where you move your mouse pointer) to save your effort. This program hides on system tray when minimized.

Auto Mouse Clickeroption

You can set up the mouse clicker to click multiple locations, wait for a specified duration, and then restart the process. In the given screenshot, the first and second box represent  x and y coordinates on the screen. Third box is for the number of clicks you require on that coordinate. Fourth box represents time (in milliseconds) between two clicks. You can add as many events you want by clicking on Add event button.


Overall this is a handy tool with a lot of features when it comes to automating your clicks and saving time.


  • Automate mouse clicks according to settings.
  • Keeps your program setting in XML file.
  • You can start/stop auto-clicking with the help of hotkey(Ctrl+Alt+C).
  • Hyper-Click option clicks the position where you move your mouse pointer.
  • You can add and run mouse-click events.
  • Windows only.

Download AutoMouseClicker to automatically click with your mouse.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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