How to Add Col­ors to Fold­ers in Win­dows For Bet­ter Fold­er Management

Sandeep Agarwal

Windowslogo Although there are many Windows Explorer tools out there to make the daily usage of it more productive, folder management can get a lot more difficult and tricky than one can think. I think one of the pertinent issues that most of us come across often is that we just can’t instantly seem to locate the folder we need because all of them look the same. We then resort to searching for its name or taking a more closer look. This can be taken care of if we could add different colors to the folders in Windows Explorer.

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With Folder Colorizer, you could spice up the default bland look of your folders, enhance folder recognition and overall, make the Windows Explorer visually attractive. All you will need to do is map the colors and folder importance or category into your head. Let us create our customized interface.

Step 1: Download and install Folder Colorizer to find the tool integrated to your right click context menu.

The image below shows the section of my explorer before I added colors to my folders. All plain and yellow!

Before Colorize

Step 2: Browse over to any folder on your machine and select option Colorize  upon right-click. Color your folder from the default set or head over to choose from more Colors.. that gets added to the list of default set.

Colorize Menu

You may also restore the default Windows yellow folder color or remove a color from the set of indicative list. Launch the palette manager as we did in step 2, hover to any entry and hit the X mark which appears.

Manage Colors

Shown below is the same section of my explorer after adding colors to my folders. Not only does it help me track a folder easily but also adds to the beauty of my machine.

After Color


I generally color a folder red when I know that its contents are a priority or require high attention. Green is for material that has been attended. There could be infinite ways for you to group and categorize things. Tell us about your folder color combinations and how you plan to use this tool. We’d love to hear any creative usage of this nifty tool that struck you while reading this article.

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