How to Add Car­toon & Oth­er Effects to a Video Using VLC Media Player

Sandeep Agarwal

VLC Media Player is an amazing tool with lots of interesting capabilities, some of which we’ve talked about previously on this blog. We have told you how to use VLC to convert videos from one format to another. We also discussed on using it as a video cutting tool. The same process may be followed to edit audio files as well.

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In our last article on VLC we showed you ways to stream a video and take advantage of its network options. Thanks to our reader Geoff who shared his VLC tips in the comments of that post, today we can show you how to add cartoon and other video effects and filters to let you match and play a video according to you mood. These styles and variants are just a read away. So read on!

Adding Video Effects and Filters Using VLC

The options that ship in with this set has a wide range and therefore, I will list down the steps to produce a video effect that will take you back to your childhood days. If you are a parent you might want to use this trick to bring a smile on your child’s face.

So, let us create a cartoon of what we already have. No more video editing for just one time watch.

Step 1: Begin a session of VLC Player and head over to Tools. Select the option Effects and Filters. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+E combination from your keyboard.

Vlc Tools

Step 2: On the primary tabs navigate to Video Effects and from the secondary tabs that appear select Image modification.

Video Effects Image Modification

Step 3: Now, check the Gradient box, drop the Mode menu to choose Edge and have Color and Cartoon check boxes ticked.

Cartoon Effects

Step 4: Close this window and open a file to play. Use the drag drop option as most people do or go to Media>Open File. If you are a keyboard person use Ctrl+O.

Note: Closing the current session does not have the effects saved. Consider it an advantage or disadvantage. It’s the way you look at it.

The image below shows a comparison snip from the cartoon effect and the original respectively. Do try it to get the real feel.

Compare Videos

Other effects of interest include waves, water effect, motion blur, psychedelic and many more. You might want to check out the cropping and geometry tabs as well. Basic edits like contrast and brightness are always there but it lets you have some color fun too.


I gave a try to all the possible effects and in different combinations. Most of them worked well. I was actually quite happy to discover another feature of this awesome media player that always seems to have something up its sleeve to surprise its users. What about you? Knew VLC could do this?

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