Android – How to Get a Fake Call, SMS & Create Fake Call Logs

Whenever I find myself struck in a boring situation or with boring people and I need an excuse to get out of there, all I say is, “Sorry guys, Mom’s calling, need to leave.” (yeah well.. still Momma’s boy). The best thing about this excuse is that my Android smartphone makes it damn easy to pull off.

Yes, I am talking about a fake call. Imagine you can get a fake incoming call from anyone and whenever you need it. Though there are some apps in the market that claim to do the task, my personal favorite is Log Me aka Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs. The thing I like the most about is the simple interface with an added ability to send fake SMS as well.

Fake Call

The application is very easy to install and does not require root access to function. Let me guide you in making.. or ratherreceiving your first fake call and SMS.

After you install Log Me from the market launch it. The program is divided into two sections (actually three, but the third section is for pro users) the Call Log and the Messages. Let’s have a look at the fake caller option.

Creating a fake call is very easy, just provide the name and number of the person you want to rescue you from situations I described earlier. You can use your call log or contacts to fill in the details. Next, select the time after which you would like to have the fake call. If you are not sure about the time you can use your phone’s proximity sensor to initiate the call.

By default, three waves above the sensor would make your phone ring but you may change it from the settings.

Fake Caller 1
Fake Caller 2

Lastly, select whether you would like a proper incoming call listing or call logs as an outgoing or missed call event. When you are done, click on the Create button  to register the task. Your phone will ring depending upon the trigger action.

You can change the graphics of incoming call notification depending upon your phone manufacturer. If you need a fake audio in the incoming call, there’s a provision for that in the Pro Version.

Fake Caller 5

Creating a fake text message is same as creating a fake call, the only thing that will change is that you will have to write down the text message you want to receive. The message will arrive your inbox just like any other normal SMS and thus no one can make out whether the SMS is fake or legit just by looking at it.

Fake Caller 3
Fake Caller 4

The free version of the program is limited in options. The pro version introduces many cool features like:

  • Ability to hide the icon of the program from the launcher.
  • Fake voice in an incoming call.
  • A shortcut to one-click fake calls/text messages.

My Verdict

The free version of the app is good enough but the pro version adds an extra edge to its functionalities. The proximity sensor to activate the call in the latest update just took my heart away.

So how will you fool your friends? Wanna receive a call from that hot chick in your college everyone’s been swooning over? ????

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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