How to Nev­er Miss an Update From Your Favorite Face­book Page

Sandeep Agarwal

Staying up to date with the latest happenings in today’s age is both difficult and easy. Difficult because we are busy and there’s so much of information around that filtering it becomes painful. Easy because, well, there’s so much of information around.. provided you can productively sort it and grab what’s important.

When it comes to social networking and notifications, the Facebook News Feed is right on top. But it’s an ever growing stream of updates that makes it pretty easy to miss updates that might matter to you.

Let us talk about being in sync with events and updates from our favorite Facebook pages. Though there are ways like RSS and SMS, it would be apt for you to know that there’s a rather simple way to filter and make sure that you never miss an update from a Facebook page. Among the growing new features you might have missed this wonderful technique and hence, we thought we should enlighten our readers about it.

Now, you know you can create friend lists in Facebook, right. Is that all? We discovered that the lists section also allows you to add your favorite pages. You could create a new list, add all your loved pages, move it to the favorites section and stop worrying about missing anything.

Steps to Create Favorite Pages List

Having known all this you must be itching to create and explore one such example. Without any delay, follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Are you logged on to Facebook? Yes? Good. No? Log in!

Step 2: Scroll down to the lists section in the left pane. If you do not see it, click on More.

Step 3: Hover mouse in a straight line from the text LISTS until you see a link MORE appear. Click on the link to navigate to a new page.

More Optionfor Lists

Step 4: On this page hit the button saying + Create List. A pop up will appear asking you to name your list.

Create A List

Step 5:You will be directed to your customized feed link page wherein you could add new pages. Find a text box on the right side with text +Add a new friend to the list. Start typing the name of your favorite page and select them to add. Add as many as you like.

Add New Page To List

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Step 6:Next time look for the number beside your list and click on it to check updates rather than scrolling throughout your profile.

Manage List drop down shows a few options to edit and remove the list or friends. You may further expand to Choose Update Types.

Manage List Choose Update Types

Move the List to Favorites For Quicker Access to Your Favorite Pages

You will also love to know that you may move the newly created list to favorites. Hover next to the link you created and click on the pencil like icon that appears. Select Add to Favorites and it will be moved.

Move Listto Favorite

You can rearrange things by doing the same and selecting Rearrange. Drag and Dropto a new position and hit on Done.

Rearrangethe Facebookpage List


I think this is is a pretty neat way to stay in sync with the latest updates on the Facebook pages you tend to visit frequently. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on cool events and invitations. Of course, the SMS option is always available if there’s a greater urgency.

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