How to Hibernate Your Desktop PC Automatically On a Schedule

There are many ways to automatically hibernate your desktop PC on a schedule. Windows Scheduled Tasks used in combo with VBScripts or batch files are for the geeks. Using software like SmartPower is a solution that will appeal to those with a lesser tech quotient.

SmartPower is a ‘smart’ solution to suspend, hibernate, shutdown and wake up your Windows PC according to custom rules you can set up. Hibernating or shutting down your PC is easy to set up and it saves power. SmartPower gives you six rules to configure that introduces rules which decide the conditions under which your PC hibernates or shuts down. The rules are:

Smart Power Anim

Stay on (or wake up) according to a schedule: Your PC will stay on or wake up on the time you set in this screen. You can select specific days and set specific times or use a default schedule for all days.

Stay on when there are active users: SmartPower senses if the computer has been idle for a certain time and then switches off or hibernates to save power.

Stay on when other devices are on: SmartPower ensures that your PC stays on so that a networked device or any that is remotely accessing the PC can complete its work before the PC can be powered down.

Stay on when traffic on any network interface is above a threshold: Your PC will stay on whenever network traffic on any network interface on your PC is above a limiting value. For instance, you can use this to finish a torrent download and then switch off your PC.

Stay on when CPU usage is above a threshold: If your CPU is active (or the computer is) and it is above a certain percentage, the PC will stay on.

Stay on when certain processes are running: Enter the process name (or multiple processes) and ensure that the PC does not hibernate or shut down until the process has finished its run.

SmartPower if configured optimally can save power by only waking up the PC when it is required to do so. It is quite a handy tool to use in a network when you unnecessarily have to keep a PC on even after processes have finished running. Remote torrent downloads can be easily set up on computers and the PC can be hibernated after the downloads have finished.

SmartPower and its role as a hibernate/suspend controller also depends on Windows settings and the PC hardware. Although it works on most systems, you should pay special attention to the Troubleshooting section on the developer’s site that mentions the settings that need to be configured on the PC to enable SmartPower to function optimally.

Download the 328 KB zipped file and give SmartPower a run. Save energy and your power bills. Let us know how it turns out.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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