A Better Way to Download Images from Google Image Search

You can always conduct a reverse image search by uploading images to Google Image Search but the opposite isn’t that straight-forward, meaning you can’t directly download images from the search result pages. Why one needs to download them you may ask? Well, for using them in projects, articles and other such content-based work. Google Image Search is a great way to find relevant images.

Note: It is important to understand that just picking any image from the search results and using it the way you want can result in copyright violations. We recommend you read our article on creative commons licenses first if you plan to download images from Google Image search and check the licenses on images accordingly.

Today we will share a third-party tool called Google Image Ripper (don’t let the name fool you.. it is not a Google product). This service provides a better way to browse Google Image Search and also lets you preview full sized images and download them without having you navigate to the site that hosts the image.

Google Image Ripper Interface

The website has a couple of filtering options like Safe Mode, Image Size and Location URL. You might also want to check the option for not showing broken images. Besides, the results from Google and this tool is comparable, so there is little spectrum of doubt over getting quality images. See the response for Google first and Image Ripper next on my search for abstract images.

Section Of Result On Google Images
Section Of Result On Image Ripper

Using the Tool

The interface is pretty easy to understand as it has minimal clutter. So, I will talk about its advantages and list them down for you.

Adv 1: The thumbnails tell you the real size of the image, provide a download link and open an option to visit the parent website.

Thumbnail Preview And Option

Adv 2: It lets you choose a slideshow view and preview full size images without visiting the image website. It saves you a lot of clicks and effort. To enter this mode, click on any thumbnail and use your cursor keys or Prev/Next button on the top left/right corner of the slide. It makes your search a lot simpler.

Slide Show View

Adv 3: Each image, be it in thumbnail mode or slideshow mode, has a download link. So, you can download an image and continue to browse for more instead of cycling between the search engine and the home site.


If you are on a search of multiple images on a single theme, you should give Google Image Ripper a try. I loved the interface. Let us know what you feel about it in the comments section.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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