How to Have an Automated Telephone Call Wake You Up Every Day

I am guessing that you don’t have a Man Friday standing by the foot of your bed each morning. Some telephone exchanges do have a wake up call code.. at least in my country (India) it’s available at the cost of a single call. I don’t know about every country around the globe, but two web services seem to have devised a solution for the United States  and Canada.

The two services that we will profile below offer an automated wake up telephone call free of charge and come with some add-ons that we will see in a short while.


Automated Wakeup Call

WakeupDialer is a free wakeup call service that wakes you up at the designated time you set on the website. You have to set the time one day before. The added benefit is that WakeupDialer can act cutesy and wake you up with a choice of 30 pre-recorded messages selected at random.

The second added benefit I liked was that you don’t have to register to use the site and they too do not store your phone numbers. You just have to remember that you cannot plan the automated call for the same day.


Automated Wakeup Call01

Wakerupper positions itself as a reminder service and is more feature rich than the automated call service of the one above. The telephone reminder service calls you up at the intended time and also plays back an optional 100-character reminder message. Signing up gives you ten free automated reminder calls to schedule. You can schedule calls for the same day – but there should be at least a time difference of 3 minutes.

Wakerupper has a premium service which gives you voice reminders, snooze, and a recurring calls option but we won’t go there as we are looking at the free side of things.

Both these web services have facets you can use for boosting your productivity. If you are on the move, these services could be used as back-up…especially if you are a deep sleeper. Of course, both these services can also be used to play pranks, but let’s give that side the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion, automated telephone call wakeup services are something you should keep bookmarked for the days you just don’t feel like waking up.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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