Get Rid of Tab Clut­ter in Chrome By Tem­porar­i­ly Hid­ing Tabs Using Page Snooze

Sandeep Agarwal

How many of you fail to get rid of tab clutter while you are browsing? How many of you open too many tabs that it becomes difficult for you find a specific tab? Again, how many of you keep a lot of tabs open just to view them later in the fear that you may forget to do so?

If you suffer from the too many tabs disease, you probably need to learn how to manage them or need helper tools to do it automatically for you.

Today we will discuss a rather novel way to tackle this problem. We’ll use a Chrome extension called Page Snooze which, as the name suggests, snoozes the tabs meaning hides them temporarily and makes them reappear later when you need. I think it makes sense to get rid of tab clutter this way. The tabs with web pages that need a revisit can be scheduled to open at a time when you are most likely to have the time to read them.

Let us see how this add-on works.

Using Page Snooze For Hiding Tabs

Go ahead and install the add-on. When done, you will be able to see a clock-like icon next to your Chrome address bar. This icon will act as a key to hiding and restoring your browser tabs for future use.

Snooze Icon On Browser

If you wish to schedule a restore for any tab, right-click on the page and hover to the choice saying Page Snooze. From the sub-menu you will be able to select any one of the desired time intervals. Unfortunately, you must choose a time from the list due to lack of customizable options.

Set Snooze Time

Note: You need not worry about missing to open your browser on/before time. In case it happens, the tabs will appear as soon as you launch your browser for the first time, past scheduled time.

Hitting the Page Snooze icon next to the address bar queues the tab for a week’s time. The number over the icon denotes the number ofwebsites that are to be restored.

Options With Page Snooze

If you right-click on the icon you will have a menu to launch its Options and Disable or Uninstall  the extension.

Snooze Icon Right Click Options

Hitting Options  will open a fresh tab showing the list of websites that have been scheduled to auto-reappear. You may remove any link from there or Clear All  at once.

Snooze List Options

If you ever happen to hide the icon you may make it come back by visiting the manage extensions page. At the same location you may check Allow in incognito  for the extension.

Manage Extension


I have kept a tab open numerous times just to have a look at it later. Creating a bookmark or closing it always had me in a fear. With this add-on I can schedule to reopen them and relax until it comes up by itself. The only disadvantage is that I cannot set an exact time. There is a similar extension promising more features but somehow it did not work on my browser. Give it a try and if it works, do share the experience in comments.

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