3 Add-ons to Watch, Manage YouTube Videos From Chrome Toolbar

Whenever I get some free time online, I resort to 2 of my favorite pastimes: scouring through Wikipedia or devouring videos on YouTube. I have already talked about two extensions I use in Chrome to enhance my Wikipedia browsing, and today I will reveal the extensions that help me manage YouTube videos in Chrome.

If you are like me who watches videos on YouTube quite often and uses Chrome to do that then these 3 add-ons should get you excited.

Video Controller

As the name speaks, Video Controller extension for Chrome lets you control your YouTube video right from the extension bar. You can play/pause, change tracks, adjust volume and replay the tracks. Though the plugin is not useful when you are viewing videos on YouTube one after another, it works as a great music controller for YouTube music videos. Don’t want to hear a track? Just skip it and replay the one you love without leaving the tab you are working on.


If you have two or more YouTube tabs running videos, all of them can be controlled simultaneously using this extension. You can click on the title text of the video to open the respective tab too. Overall, a very nifty YouTube tool for sure.

YouTube Feed

You probably know what YouTube channels are. You can think of channels as some user created category which is updated by an individual or an organization in a regular basis. You can subscribe to many available channels, and YouTube will notify you via an email regarding the addition of the new content.


YouTube Feeds (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) is a simple add-on that notifies you right in your browser whenever new videos are available in your YouTube subscribed channels and friends. In simple words, you can think of this add-on as an RSS aggregator for your YouTube channels.

Youtube Feeds

All you need to do is authenticate your YouTube account. The extension icon will notify you whenever a new video is available. You can control things like Number of feed items to retrieve, Polling interval, Number of feed items to show, etc. from the option page.

Lyrics for Google Chrome

Do you love to sing along with your favorite artists on YouTube, but don’t remember the lyrics well enough? Don’t worry, Lyrics for Google Chrome (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) is a simple extension which will help you with that. After you install the extension, just click on the extension icon in the omnibar to show the lyrics next to the playing video. If the extension is not able to recognize the song, you can manually provide the name and search again.

Iron Maiden Lyrics

Note: All the lyrics are fetched from LyricsWiki.

The extension not only works for YouTube but also for Grooveshark, Last.fm and Google Music.


I am sure these three add-ons will definitely enhance your YouTube experience. Do you have a personal favorite extension for YouTube, we have not mentioned above? Do let us know.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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