How to Stitch Two or More Pho­tos Using Win­dows Live Pho­to Gallery

Sandeep Agarwal

Creating beautiful panoramic pictures by stitching two or more photos into one isn’t an easy task. It takes practice to first take those pictures, then choose the right combination of photos, and finally stitching them in a way that the person looking at the photo has a hard time making out if it was a single panoramic shot or several photos blended into one. We have talked about this stuff before and since it’s a lot of fun, we’ll talk about it today too (the tool will be different as you might have already guessed).

Windows Live Photo Gallery is useful personal photo editor and organizer that helps you organize and edit your photos, batch tag faces, share them online and fuse multiple photos to give them a better finish. In this article, we will see how to stitch a series of photos to create beautiful panoramic pictures.

Final Stich After Crop

Five Easy Steps to Create your Panorama

We’ll leave the task of taking the pictures and identifying the right ones to combine to you. That’s a significant part of the process mind you, so you should invest time in that. Once you have lined up the photos, stitching them can be as simple the steps below:-

Step 1: First and foremost, you will have to import your photos from your device by connecting it to your machine. If you have them pre-saved, you may include the folder or create a new one. These options are stacked under the New  section of Home  tab.

Import Photos

Step 2: Once you have your collection you need to select the series you want to stitch together. Be careful to select photos with some overlap, failing which you might be disappointed with the result.

Selecting Photos To Stitch

Step 3: Next, move over to the Create  tab and hit the Panorama icon under the Tools  section. Just a few minutes and you’ll find yourself rejoicing over your first panoramic image.

Panaroma Tool

Step 4: The result of Step 3 is pulled down to an editable interface. You will be able to notice that the image has distorted edges. This happens in the attempt to align all your images. Select the crop option to cut out the required portion.

Stitched Result

Step 5: On the image, drag the crop canvas and guide lines to set a perfect selection. Finally, apply crop and save your masterpiece.

Crop Image To Finetune


I think I re-discovered my love for creating panoramas when I tried out this feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery in the process of writing this post. I am actually going to do it a lot more over the weekend.

I would advise that you get a feel of the tool and understand the type of series and overlaps you need to click before you head out to your next vacation.

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