Wallbase: A Fantastic Tool for Finding Fabulous Wallpapers

What do you stare at for obscene amounts of hours every single day? Let’s face it, your computer has become an invaluable tool and asset. You’ve grown accustomed to staring at your desktop and the icons on it, thinking about what you need to get done or finding a tool you need to use. Your wallpaper can help define you. Your exposure to it is so frequent and lengthy that you can’t help but be affected by it. Ever clear your desktop icons and use a simple wallpaper and realize how much less stressed out you feel?

InterfaceLIFT can be a great tool, but it’s archives are mostly centered around photography or graphics manipulation. What about the fantastic elements that appeal to our more imaginative sides?

Wallbase is a collection of wallpapers that has something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid animé lover (there’s a whole lot of that), car enthusiast, science geek, art lover, or zen minimalist, you’ll find something that will draw your attention.


As you can see, Wallbase has a very simple and clean interface. It doesn’t have any unnecessary text, and features thumbnails of potential wallpapers.

The main navigation is done all from the top of the screen. Here’s a closer look:


You can sort images according to a variety of filters. There are categories (Wallpaper/General, Manga, and High Resolution) that you can turn on and off. You can also choose to view NSFW or sketchy pictures, or sort according to screen resolution or aspect ratio. These sorts of filters set Wallbase apart from other archives. Wallbase also features a great ever-scrolling script, which means you no longer have to move your mouse. This makes it all the more addictive.

When you actually come upon a piece of wallpaper you like, you click on it. Here’s what a specific wallpaper page looks like:


The main focus of Wallbase is always the image, and this page is no exception. There are also tags on the left-hand side that show how many users have favorite-d this specific image, and the file format. You can zoom into the image by clicking on it, and then Save the image right onto your computer.

Users of Wallbase also choose to create their own collections of wallpapers. You can discover people who have similar tastes to you, and find wallpapers that they love! Even better: some people have organized them into very neat categories. Depending on your mood, you can find still photography, cartoons, or cars all from the same user.


Wallbase has a great archive of all types of wallpaper. It has a browsing experience like few other websites dedicated to wallpapers, and has something for everyone. You may find yourself on it for much more time than you’d previously intended to spend (dear Lord, the last thing we need is another 9gag)! I hope it serves as a good source of renewal, energy, and inspiration.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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