Create a Dynamic Online Photobook With Projeqt

There’s something about a photobook. Whether it’s because we’ve got fond memories of them as children, or because they all give us more insight about the author/illustrator’s perspectives, photobooks carry a certain weight to them. What if you could create a collection of images and living information that could help us tell our stories, and show it as a virtual photobook online?


Projeqt is a dynamic way to display information. It’s not just another PowerPoint alternative, but quite a bit more layered and complex.

Create A New Stack

First off, Projeqt doesn’t have slides. It has two types of displays: content and stacks. A stack is like a folder or a collection, and holds content. Just like a folder, you can put a stack within a stack.


Content isn’t limited to just text or graphics, but can be more engaging forms of information like Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, music, or videos. This makes Projeqt a much more flexible and capable method of displaying information, and not necessarily just a visual aid for a presentation.

A Projeqt is potentially self-narrating and self-sufficient, and doesn’t even necessarily need a live person presenting the information. Best of all, the information’s available online so it’s up for display to the rest of the world once you choose to publish.

Projeqt Published

As you can see, I’ve included a live Twitter feed on my page (as well as a cute picture of Chewbacca in the sixth grade). You can literally scroll down the Twitter feed and have a look at whoever’s handle you choose to use. (I chose my own profile.) If you’re curious about it, check it out on my Projeqt account. These stacks and collections can be arranged and rearranged to fit the order you’d prefer them to appear. Simply drag and drop accordingly, stacks on the farthest left appear first.

You can change the design of your Projeqt. For example, you can change the background image and you will also be able to change font colors and styles too, should you choose to upgrade to a premium version of Projeqt.

Projeqt Design Options

It will update as soon as you save your changes.

Projeqt Redesigned

Projeqts can be displayed according to grid or tile. They can also be toggled to go full screen. You can control this through the panel in the top middle of the Projeqt you are currently viewing.

Projeqt Display

Social media is embraced by Projeqt. This means that you can set up a profile, and also integrate all your favorite social media networks right into Projeqt from your control panel.

Public Profile

The social media aspect of Projeqt means that it’s a great vehicle to tell a story with. We previously looked at and as alternatives to online resumes and storytelling devices. Similarly, you can use this very visual and interactive tool to tell your career story. Assemble slideshows of significance, visual work that you are proud of, or sound bytes from your latest gig.

Of course, you can also choose to use Projeqt as a PowerPoint alternative, but why would you stop there when it can be so much more?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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