How to Restrict a Websites Across All Browsers With FocalFilter

Previously we have seen how we can block certain websites on Chrome and Internet Explorer. Now the thing is that, as long as the restrictions are browser specific, one can always download and install a different browser and open the blocked websites. A simple way to restrict a website across all browsers in Windows is to implement HOSTS file block method.

Though the method is still an excellent way to restrict websites, everything about it is so manual. Today, I will talk about a simple tool called FocalFilter which automates this process in the background while helping you do the trick through its nice user interface. Furthermore, you can create a time specific block and after the timer runs out you will be able to view the websites again.

Note: According to the developer, FocalFilter has some known issues with Kaspersky Internet Security and Avira Antivirus, and if you are using anyone of them, I am afraid FocalFilter will not work for you.

Let us see how this software works.

To start blocking, download and install FocalFilter on your computer. Once the installation is complete run the program.


In the program, click on the button Edit My Site List and enter the full URL of all the websites you want to block line-by-line.

Site Lists

Now, set the time you want to keep these websites blocked on your system and press Block My Site List button. You may have to restart your browser for the changes to take effect. You will now not be able to open the blocked websites before the timer expires, and once it does you will be informed about it.

Run Again

Note: Once you have blocked certain websites, you will not be able to access FocalFilter as long as it is blocking the sites. Terminating the process or uninstalling it from the system will not unblock the sites. If you wish to unblock the site before the timer expires you will have to restart your computer.

Already Running

My Verdict

The good thing about FocalFilter is that it blocks the websites across all the browsers and that too with just a few clicks. And you know what the best thing is? It makes unblocking damn difficult, or I should say time consuming (unless you know the HOSTS file route) which is what’s needed, no? What do you say?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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