Turn your Work Experience Resume into a Story with Re.vu

“Today, I want to tell you three stories from my life.” With that, Steve Jobs launched into his Stanford commencement speech. Stories are a great medium to convey points that would otherwise have sounded very boring and clichéd on their own. Why not make your work experience stand out by telling a story with it?

Re.vu is a service that turns your resume into a visual tale. It allows you to tell your story using a timeline and a collection of vibrant, creative themes and a very flexible design. You can choose to use Re.vu simply as a supplement to your online presence, or you can choose to make it the focal point by adding past works and a portfolio to your profile.

Obama Overview

The beauty of Re.vu is the speed with which it works at, and the simplicity of the web app. It has the ability to connect to your LinkedIn account and make use of your information you already have there.

01 Connect To Linkedin

After a few moments, Re.vu then gives you the chance to modify the information.

02 Prefill

Take note of the inclusion of the “traditional résumé”, as well as the ability for visitors to directly contact you via email.

Design and Layout

Once you’re all set up, you can proceed to the first preview of what your Re.vu page will look like.

03 Themes

In Re.vu, you can choose to select different kinds of designs and layouts for your Re.vu page. Think WordPress: you can choose to rearrange parts of your layout with a WordPress-like widget system. Similarly, you can also select a new look for your Re.vu page by using a different kind of theme.

You can choose to upload a customized background image. Although there’s a diverse range of themes, I wish Re.vu gave the users ability to modify texts and colors and other such things. Their current selection is quite limited, and although that’s for the better in some cases, more creative people may find it a bit stifling.

Without a doubt, Re.vu makes great use of the Summary to lead into your story. It can be as long as you wish, but keep in mind that a lot of computers still use the good ol’ 1024 x 768px resolution. That means if you want people to catch a small glimpse of your timeline (which may look more interesting), then you’ll want to make your text take up less space.

Timeline and Graphics

The focal point of the page (depending on screen resolution) would either be the huge header or the very unique-looking timeline. The timeline is just one of the great graphics the service offers.


There are plenty of graphics you can employ to help your story. Since graphics are so much more effective than just plain text on the web, you can choose to use Re.vu’s many capabilities to make your achievements more visually appealing. For example, re.vu has an Infographic feature built-in so that you can proudly display the quantified achievements you’re most proud of.


Seth Godin has always told us to be remarkable. Here’s your chance to be different: will you take it? Give Re.vu a try!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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