Secure Your Social Accounts By Cleaning Up Apps Permissions

Apps are little applications that extend the functionality of any service, whether it be a browser, a social network like Facebook, or it may be a standalone program that just makes life a bit easier for us. If you have used a few, you know apps are the easiest things to install, and also the easiest to forget when the attraction wears off. The little apps may be there in the background, secure in the knowledge that they have access to your online information.

Consider Facebook. The privacy features of Facebook have been debated and dissected, and it’s known that some of your personal information could potentially leak out via unsecure apps. Removing the permissions you have granted to all of them might take up an entire day. You need a service like MyPermissions.

My Permissions

MyPermissions is your one-stop solution for managing the access you have granted apps across your online accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Dropbox, Instagram, and Flickr.

MyPermissions solves two of your headaches:

1. It saves us the bother of searching the settings which disallow permissions.

2. It gives us a centralized place we can come back to time and again to revoke access permissions and manage all our apps.

You do not have to log-in and explicitly give MyPermissions your log-in details for all these accounts. You simply log-in to any of these services as you do, and then click on the relevant icon on My Permissions.  The site acts as a bookmark or a launcher page. You are taken straight to your app permissions page. So, you are removing access permissions from the main site itself and not My Permissions. You log off as you would normally do.

MyPermissions also encourages you to use IFTTT  and set up a monthly email reminder to check your app permissions, so you can keep your accounts uncluttered always.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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