2 Great Services to Discover and Watch New Videos

I love YouTube. I’m certain I’m not alone. I was curious about finding new videos to watch on YouTube, and while there are a ton circulating on Facebook and Twitter, they’re often recycled and stuff that I’ve seen before. Luckily, I stumbled upon these two methods of discovering new videos. Here they are:

1. Show Me Nonstop

I recently tried looking for Infinitube, the tool people used to watch YouTube videos nonstop. It was featured in  the Guiding Tech YouTube Guide, but unfortunately has disappeared from the face of the earth as of late. Where it left a hole, Show Me Nonstop has risen to take its place.

Show Me Nonstop is a website for those times when you’re hosting a party and you’ve connected your computer to your TV, or if you just want to relax for a while or get educated about a certain subject. Simply type in something you’d like to watch, and Show Me Nonstop will queue up relevant YouTube videos.

Show Me Nonstop Overview

If you want to skip the current video you’re watching, you can left-click on your mouse or press the left and right arrow keys to go to the previous or next videos. You can also navigate to the bottom of the screen and click the Show Me button and change your search query entirely.

Show Me Nonstop Simple

It’s that simple. You can choose to Like and Share Show Me Nonstop through different social media channels. It’s a very simple method of watching YouTube videos and exploring new things. It’s also a descendant of the revolutionary VHX.tv. Its simplicity is its strongest and weakest point: I would have loved a pause feature, and a direct link to the original YouTube video so I can bookmark things or find out video titles.

Show Me Nonstop

No credit taken, it’s still a great site to discover new videos and visual content. If you’re more into music videos, the Music Video Genome is another child of VHX.tv that focuses more on that niche.

2. Music Video Genome

Music Video Genome differs from Show Me Nonstop in that it focuses only on music videos. It introduces you to similar artists, and also calibrates itself accordingly to what you like.


The first thing you do with Music Video Genome is input your favorite artist. Music Video Genome then rounds up the artists’ music videos and also finds similar music. You then choose to Like a video, and also indicate to Music Video Genome when a certain video isn’t a music video. (There are tons of videos out there with static album covers.)


Music Video Genome succeeds where Show Me Nonstop is too simple. I loved how I could click the link leading back to the original video in the top left corner, and also how I could pause videos whenever I needed to.

Expand your Horizons…

Use these new sites to explore YouTube and find new awesome stuff to share with the world. Cheers!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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