Listen to Music Online With Earbits, a Free Web Based Radio

To me there is nothing in this world that can be compared to the relaxed feeling I get when I can just sit back and listen to some good music. Music doesn’t need a specific time or place. It can be heard anytime, anywhere but sometimes you want to transcend he stuff you have in your media player and listen to new and refreshing music. During such times, a free web based radio is all you need.

Earbits is one such cool, free web based radio that can help you find all kinds of music around the world. Lets check it out.

Introducing Earbits

Earbits is an Internet radio that lets you listen to songs from the genre that suits your taste. It mainly exposes you to new budding artists, artists about whom you may not have ever heard before. Also you can have a good time if you are tired of the same old songs on your PC and want to listen to some new beats.


Using Earbits is very simple, all you have got to do is open their homepage and select your preferred genre, and you also get the option to choose from a selection of many sub-genres. The songs from the genre you choose will automatically start paying. If for any reason you didn’t like the song you can always skip it using the next button.

Interesting Features of Earbits

Earbits has many amazing features which make it entertaining and cool.

  • It is totally free by all means.
  • You can choose your preferred genre and even choose from many sub genres.
  • If you don’t like a song, you have the free will to change it whenever you want .
  • It is a great platform for budding artists.
  • You can like or dislike any song with a thumbs-up or thumbs down.
  • You can like any band or singer on Facebook, and you can share any song on it as well; you may also tweet it.
  • Earbits displays all the details about the band/singer you are listening to along with a about the singer information.

The Downside

The only downside I see is it’s very strict about the type of genre chosen by an individual. For example, if I want to listen to both rock and heavy metal music at the same time there is no option for that, and I have to satisfy myself with one of them.

My Verdict

I am a music lover and to me Earbits seems like a good way to treat myself to some great new songs. If you are bored with the old songs on your computer, then Earbits is just the perfect thing. The genre selection is vivid and should meet your taste. If you have an internet connection that isn’t terribly slow, then this service worth giving a shot.

Do tell us how you liked it in the comments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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