How to Play Songs From Groove­Shark On Your Desk­top With WinGrooves

Ashish Mundhra

I don’t think I need to tell you anything about Grooveshark, however, if you have no idea what it is (which is highly unlikely), have a look at our previous post Find and Stream Your Favorite Music for Free with Grooveshark where we have talked about all the awesomeness of Grooveshark and how you can use it to stream free music online.

These days, I hardly find myself storing songs on my hard disk. With powerful broadband connections and music streaming services like Grooveshark, I seldom use my media players. One thing I miss about them is the ability to control the flow of music with shortcut keys, but having almost any song I can imagine at my fingertips is tempting enough. Also, navigating to the site in a new browser tab each time kinda irks me.

Well, not any more, now with WinGrooves, groovy and free Windows GrooveShark Desktop application I can control the music using hotkeys and use it from the desktop (kinda). Before I continue any further let me tell you that WinGrooves is not a standard window application but an IE 9 application shortcut (not that it should be that great an obstacle in your trying it out).

After you download the WinGrooves application on your system, run it. You will be given a security warning asking whether you really want to install the application.

security warning

Click on Install button and wait for the application to download and install WinGrooves on your Windows.

installing wingrooves

The application will launch itself automatically after a successful installation. If you are already using the GrooveShark web player to stream your music, you will not find WinGrooves any different in looks and feel.


At the top, you will see four buttons. The first two are the traditional back and forward buttons you can use to navigate to the previous and next window (just like you do in browsers). The fourth button is the about app button. Finally, the third and the most useful button which makes it a little different from the web player, is called Option.


Click on the option button to invoke the application options. You can now choose the behavior of the program using the top three check boxes. The most noteworthy thing about WinGrooves is the ability to configure shortcut keys and the ability to use them to do simple media operations like Play/Pause, Next/Previous track, mute playback, etc.


Rest everything else is just like the normal web player. Search your favorite songs or play your pre-listed music, everything being identical.

Wingrooves player

My Verdict

If all you want is hotkeys to control your Grooveshark player and want to access it through a quick shortcut, you can give WinGrooves a try otherwise everything else is almost the same like the web version.

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