Picasa 3.9: Review of New Photo Sharing, Tagging, Editing Features

Lately, if you noticed, Google is linking almost all its products and services to Google+. Sorting of email in Gmail according to Google Circles is an example. Seeing so many efforts to popularize Google+, I was wondering when they are going to integrate it with Picasa. Well, Picasa is already integrated in a way because the photos you upload there are actually on Picasa, but am talking about sharing features and Google+ integration in Picasa’s desktop client.

All my questions were answered after I updated my Picasa to the latest version 3.9. If you are on Google Plus, I am sure you will like the new update.

You can download the latest version of Picasa from the Picasa home page.

So what are we waiting for, lets have a look on what’s new.

Share Photos to your Google+ Circles from Picasa

If you are on Google Plus, and you love sharing your precious photo moments with your circles, Picasa now makes it a cakewalk for you. You can now directly share your individual photos or albums to your Google Plus stream right from Picasa on your desktop.

Login to you Google account from your Picasa desktop. If you want to share an individual photo select it and click on the Share on Google+ button below.

Share On Google Plus

If you want to share the entire album on Google+, open the folder in Picasa and click on the Share button right next to the album name.


Now, in the share window, give a name to the album or photograph, add a personal message and select the circles you want to share the photographs with and click on the Share button.


Your album will then be uploaded to your Google Plus account and shared with the desired circles in your stream.

Picasa Name Tags on Google+

Tagging people by detecting their faces in not new in Picasa, what’s new is you can tag your friends on Google+ right from Picasa on Desktop.

Tag Faces

After Picasa synchronizes all your Google+ contacts, next time whenever Picasa asks you to identify and tag a face in a photograph you can tag the contact in your Google plus account.

New Photo Editing Effects

Along with the old photo effects from the past versions, Picasa has introduced 24 new photo-editing effects you can use to make your photographs look more beautiful. Another impressive feature added in the latest version is side by side editing. To enable side by side editing for a picture click the [A|A] button above the picture and start editing.

Preview Pae

You can now compare the original and edited versions side by side as you apply effects in Picasa. You can also compare to different pictures using the [A|B] button.


To revert to the old view click on the [A] button.

My Verdict

The features in the latest update of Picasa was much awaited by me ever since I joined Google+. Now I can share my photographs and tag my friends on Google+ directly from the desktop application. The new editing effects are a bonus.

What do you think about the new update? Do you think it’s too much Google+ centric?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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