How to Customize Facebook App Permissions With fPrivacy Extension

Way back, when I was new on Facebook, I tried a hell lot of apps and games everyday. Though each of them comes with a necessary set of permissions telling us how the application will integrate with your profile, I never paid attention to them.


Soon when I started getting spams of horoscopes, daily fortune cookies and mystery chips for poker invite, both on my wall and associated email account, I got a bit careful. I started reading all the permissions for a particular app before allowing it, but the problem does not stop here. Their was no way I can use an app without revealing my email address or my contact information (if they ask for it that is), and soon I stopped using apps once and for all.

Good news is that I have again started using Facebook apps without the fear of spam and so can you. All you need is the fPrivacy extension for Google Chrome.

fPrivacy extension makes it very simple for a Chrome user to manage Facebook app permissions.

Here’s how you can use it.

Download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. As the extension runs as a background Chrome process, you will not see any change in your browser.

Next time you visit any Facebook app page which asks you to approve or reject the set of permissions, the extension will initiate itself. You will see a strip on top of the page with all the permissions the app is asking for with a checkbox next to each of them.

Permission Before

Just deselect the permissions you want to revoke and click on the update button. For example, I have revoked the permission to read my email address, read my friend’s birthday and publish on my wall.


The page will now reload with the new sets of permission that you can accept and start using the app.

Permission After

Note: Please make sure you don’t revoke necessary permissions for the application to run or there will be no point using it. For example, if you revoke the permission of accessing your date of birth for an application like Daily Horoscope, it will not be able to detect your Sun sign, which is how that app works.

My Verdict

I was waiting eagerly for such a tool, and I must  say I am highly impressed by fPrivacy. Now I can use apps on my Facebook account without the fear of spam and unwanted stuff in my inbox or on my Facebook wall.

Via TechCrunch, top image courtesy – opensourceway

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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