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The world revolves around movies. Hollywood rules; and a few language barriers aside, it cuts its way across borders. The web has become the go-to medium if you want to keep yourself updated about what’s going to play next…and where. It’s just not enough to get this information – you need to share it too.

Watch It is like an all-in-one discovery and bookmarking tool for movies. As it defines itself, Watch It is your universal social discovery, bookmarking, and alert notification system for movies that are playing across theaters, online, cable, On Demand, and are available on DVD or Blu Ray. The service is U.S. centric at the moment.

Watch It01

As the screenshot tells you, Watch It lets you search for any movie across any media platform and add it to a queue. The queue is like a list and you can make this list shareable with friends. The sharing of queues leads to more discoveries of movies to watch, and this mutual discovery could help you make plans to watch them together.

Watch It also has an alert notification system that tells you when a movie (or a trailer) on your queue becomes available, say at your local DVD store, for streaming on Netflix, or on Amazon.

So, sign-up for free and let’s make a sample queue to test Watch It in action.

Here’s a screen of the preferences you can set for your choice of movie services. These choices are sure to expand as the service matures.

Watch It02

Your Queue page will look like this. You can filter the movies available by service. For each movie, you can choose to “Watch It” or “Queue It”.

Watch It03

Movies may be available on DVD/Blu Ray, online, or on cable. For the other services where it’s not yet available, you can set up notification alerts. The critics score and the trailer can help you make the decision between immediate purchase or watch it later.

Watch It04

The Queue page is where you curate your list of films you would like to watch or have watched and now would want to share with friends. You can use the Share button to spread it out to your social circle.

Watch It05

Watch It is not limited to the nice movie thumbnails on view. You can use the search box to locate movies and add them to your queue or watch them via the services advertised. Watch It is also trying to popularize its service on other film and media websites using an embedded button. You can use the button to add movies to your queue and also set-up alerts.

For example, a button next to a movie review could help you to see when and where the movie might be available. The success of the button will only be realized when Watch It moves forward from its present Beta stage.

As a bookmarking tool, Watch It covers all the bases. The only missing link is movie recommendations based on what one is watching right now. Take in a few movies on Watch It and use the comments to tell us if you think the service can hold its own in the increasingly crowded social space.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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