A Quick Guide to What’s Changed in Facebook’s New Timeline

Come December 22nd and you will have Facebook Timeline gracing your profile whether you like it or not. With Timeline, Facebook has gone for a face-lift and perhaps made it more personal for you and me. To recap, Facebook Timeline is a date-by-date collage of all our memorable posts, photos, and events.

Facebook has off late been more about the ‘recent’ turn of events in our lives. With Timeline, the social network hopes to shape your profile into a personal story, so that you and your social connections can rediscover each other’s past by going into the Timeline and catching up on all those old posts with just a vertical scroll.

Timeline is Very Visual.. and So Much More


The large edge to edge photo on top (which you get to set) is just the first striking part of the Timeline. It captures the attention for a while, but we really need to dig down to see that the Timeline is not just pretty packaging.

You Choose Your Story

By default, Timeline includes your top stories. But Facebook lets you customize the Timeline by adding and removing items if necessary. You can also star a post, update, or event to give it more visual space and highlight it from the rest.

Activity Log Controls the Timeline

The Activity Log is the place to control all that goes on the Timeline. It’s a private place which lists all that you have done on Facebook till date. Everything is chronologically listed by date and time. With a simple click you can enable the post to be visible on the Timeline.


The reverse is also true, of course – you can edit the feature that’s on the Timeline or remove it altogether.


Apps Add More Riches to the Timeline

Apps have been on Facebook for quite some time – some pesky, some useful. You can bring more engagement to your Timeline by adding apps (and games too) from the Apps Dashboard and the Games Dashboard. This is not really a new feature as the process of adding and using apps is the same as before. For both, you can browse through the recommended, the newest, and what your friends are enjoying. Just like before, you can search for apps and games from the Facebook search bar.

The best thing about the Timeline is that it behaves like a social ‘time machine’. You don’t have to dig up the past, it’s all there arranged neatly for you. Facebook leaves it to you to bring back your fondest memories and give it some more time in the headlines. The Facebook Support pages answer a lot more about the Timeline. Enable it, preview it, and send us your raves and rants.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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