Come Up With New Gift Ideas, Collaborate With Friends Using Simple Present

It’s probably a sign of our busy times that thinking up new gift ideas has been ‘outsourced’ to the web. Of course, the social web has brought a few enhancements to this joyous activity. After organizing a gift together with friends with the help of Simple Present, I am sure you will agree that thinking up gift ideas together via the social web is a different sort of fun.

Simple Present is as the name indicates – a very simple site built around a simple idea. With the increasing number of social events in our lives, thinking up unique gift ideas has become a difficult job. A few brains work better than one when it comes to the idea…and also if everyone pools in their resources of time and money, a grander gift is often the outcome.

Simple Present is an online platform that facilitates with this collaboration of ideas, time, and money and helps you to buy the perfect gift. The steps towards that are:

1. Start with entering the name of the person the gift is intended for. No registration is required to use the site.

Simple Present01

2. You (the organizer) are provided a link to share among friends (participants) via email or through social networks. The tabs on the main page control the whole gift management process.

Simple Present02

3. This participant link enables friends and colleagues to join in and contribute ideas, vote for the better ideas, and also contribute money to buy a gift. Ideas can be linked with a URL to an online source (for example, a shopping site) for more information.

4. An exclusive organizer link enables you to control the flow of information and notifications around this activity.

5. You can set deadlines, exchange messages using a simple form and configure the PayPal address to receive cash contributions directly. When the gift is finalized, you can set the status as finished.

Simple Present03

The usefulness of Simple Present lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for long chain emails or Facebook exchanges. It takes the gift idea and helps it to reach it to a conclusion.

If there is an event coming up, try it out and let us know if Simple Present helps ease some of the usual gift buying headaches.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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