Google Flights Search, an Efficient Way to Search Flights Online

Google and Microsoft are helping us get from Point A to Point B in a jiffy. Earlier, we had seen how Bing Airport Maps was taking us through labyrinths of airports in search of our boarding gate. Now, let’s take a look at how Google Flights Search can help us take the right flight.

You can start with flight search from the Google search page itself. Put in a query and you will see the Flights link on the left of the page. That takes you into the dedicated Google Flights page. Of course you can directly reach there too by entering the URL.

The various options available are pretty self-explanatory. You can make most of them out from the screenshot below.

Google Flights01

But to catch just the right flight and also save money in the process, you have to tinker around with the filters available on Google Flights Search. The map suddenly changes when you fill in the destinations. For instance, you can narrow down the results by eliminating the long and expensive flights. The Price and Duration sliders help to do just that. The dots display the concentration of flights for your destination.

Google Flights02

The left sidebar is another set of powerful filtration options like the number of stops, the airline you prefer, connections, outbound time and return time.

Google Flights03

Clicking on a flight reveals the time for the return flight and a link to book the flight with the help of the airline’s site.

Google Flights04

Looks pretty neat…but like a lot of recent Google launches, the refurbished Google Flights is only available for the U.S. and it only displays flight schedules for round trip economy class flights. But it’s still worthwhile because it showcases Google’s attempts to integrate travel features alongside the usual search tools.

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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