[Quick Tip] Slow Laptop ? Check the Power Options First

This is a really simple tip which could fix your slow laptop provided the reason behind its slowness is the one I mention below.

Most of the laptops go to the power saver mode by default when they are on battery. Some of them, like my Dell Latitude, have advanced options like changing the graphics, stopping CD/DVD drives etc to further enhance its running time while on battery backup.

Now, when you plug the power cord back in, the laptop is supposed to come back to the previous state which it usually does. However, sometimes it stays on the power saver mode in Windows and you don’t realize it since the graphics and everything else looks normal.

Slowly, as you continue working on it, you find that its kinda slow. And then your geeky mind immediately jumps into action and you try all kinds of troubleshooting steps like defrag, disk cleanup, temp folders cleaning etc etc.

But the resolution could be as simple as shown in the screenshot below – just switch the laptop to the Balanced power mode, that’s it.


So next time you find a sudden sluggishness in your laptop, just make sure that you check the Windows power options first. Might save you a lot of time.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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