How to Create Encrypted TrueCrypt Volumes the Easy Way

We have talked about TrueCrypt on many occasions in the past. It’s a free open source tool to create a virtual encrypted disk. No doubt it’s one of the most secure methods of encrypting data, but at the same time it’s a little tricky to implement. In this Truecypt guide we have mentioned all the steps in detail using which you can create an encrypt your personal data.

However, the above process to create encrypted volumes using TrueCrypt is a little time taking and at the same time it is limited to users having admin rights on the computer.

If you are not an admin or want to cut short the time taken to create a TrueCrypt volume, I suggest you give TruPax a try.

TruPax is a small and nifty tool that makes the creation of encrypted TrueCrypt volumes a cakewalk for the user. To run the application download the TruPax 4 A zip file and extract it to a folder in your computer. Also download and install JRE 6 or above if you don’t have it already.

Note: Though there is a Linux version, we will be concentrating on the Windows one for this post.

After you extract all the files to a folder run the respective VB Script to install the tool. The installation will take place automatically and you will just get a confirmation message saying that the shortcut of the program has been placed on the desktop.

Trupax Installation Files

It’s now time to run the tool and encrypt some data.

Tru Pax

The tool is pretty simple to master. Just add some files or folders you want to encrypt and click on the button Make Volume. You can check the Wipe Afterward option if you want the original file to be deleted after encrypting the data.

Trupax Files

Before TruPax starts encrypting your files it will ask for a location where you want the TrueCrypt file to be created along with an encryption password.

Note: There is no way you can add or remove data from an encrypted volume.

Trupax Password

As the tool is only meant for creating TrueCrypt volumes you will still need the TrueCrypt application to mount the encrypted volume in order to read your encrypted data. For any reasons if you are having trouble mounting the files you can refer to steps 12 to 16 in our TrueCrypt guide.

My Verdict

Without doubt TruPax is a wonderful tool to create TrueCrypt volumes in the easiest way possible and the best thing is that it’s portable (works only if Java 6 or above is installed on the system) and free to use.

So what would you prefer, the good old conventional way to install and use TrueCrypt or TruPax?

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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