2 Neat Tools to Create a Nice Christmas Wishlist

Come the season, out comes the Christmas wishlists. From childhood lists of gifts we used to ask from Santa to the more practical ones we think over today, wishlists are fun…and more when they just come true. Christmas wishlists bring some order into the chaos of the festival season and helps you to share your fondest desires with family and friends. Now, you can take your wishlists to the web. Here are two list creation tools that could just bring the goodies home for you.

List Ideas

It could be a list of gift ideas for yourself or the ones you want to dole out – List Ideas covers both and many more. The idea behind List Ideas is to eliminate the chances of receiving gifts you might not “like”. List Ideas says the site helps you put together a wishlist online, so friends and family know what to get each other for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings or indeed any other special occasion.

List Ideas

List Ideas works with a bookmarklet on your browser. You can click on the bookmarklet and save anything you see while browsing the web. Illustrating wishlists with images really helps here. The item is added to one of your wishlists. You can add unlimited number of ideas to your wishlist.

List Ideas01

List Ideas also lets you embed your wishlists in your own website, blog, or social space. Embedded lists automatically update when you change something in your wishlist. Finally, you can invite friends and share your wishlists, and also get inspiration from wishlists created by others -getting loads of cool gift suggestions.


Wishlistr is a general list creation and organization service which works pretty similarly to the previous one. You can use a form or an optional bookmarklet to snap up cool gift ideas you see around the web. You then use Wishlistr to collate these into pre-defined templates for various occasions like Christmas. After registering and log-in, you use the form to start adding items to your Christmas wishlist. You can drag and drop the items on the list to change their order of priority.


The main difference between the two online list creation services is that List Ideas grabs the images to illustrate the gift. Wishlistr is more manual in the way it creates a list.

Which one of the two do you prefer when it comes to making your Christmas wishlist? Let us also know if you take the pen and paper route or the advantages of an online Christmas wishlist creation tool.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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