Resolve System Restore Disabled By Group Policy Error Windows

The System Restore feature in Windows is useful for restoring your PC back to older settings in case some application or settings start hampering its functioning.

If you get the error, “ System Restore has been turned off by group policy. To turn on System Restore, contact your domain administrator “ while trying to access system restore then it could be possible that your firm’s IT department(if it’s your office workstation) has blocked it, or it got turned off automatically due to some reason.


This article tells you two ways to enable system restore if you get the above error message when you try to access it.

Method 1: Enable System Restore Configuration Interface through Group Policy Editor.

You can enable system restore configuration by disabling Turn off Configuration and System restore policy.

Step 1. Click Start


button, click Run and type


Rungpedit Msc1

Step 2. Expand Computer Configuration and then expand Administrative Templates.


Step 3. Expand System, and then click System Restore.


Step 4. Double click on Turn off System Restore.


Step 5. On the Setting tab, select Disabled.


Step 6. Double-click Turn off Configuration, and then on the Setting tab, select Disabled.


Step 7. Exit the editor and reboot your PC.

Method 2: Enable System Restore Configuration Interface throughthe Registry Editor

Following are the steps to enable it via the registry.

Note: Make sure that you backup your registry using File->Export before you attempt to make any changes.

Step 1. Press Start


button. Click Run. Type regedit and click OK



Step 2. On the registry editor double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder to expand it.


Step 3. Expand SOFTWARE folder.


Step 4. Expand Policies> Microsoft> Windows NT> SystemRestore.


Step 5. On a right panel right click on DisableConfog and DisableSR and select delete option from right hand menu.


Step 6. Exit the editor and reboot your PC.

These two method are work well on home editions and professional versions of Windows XP and higher.

After restarting your PC, Go to


button and type System Restore in a search box (In Windows Vista).


System Restore window will appear now.


That was how you resolve System Restore disabled by group policy error in Windows.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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