Foodily is a Great Site for Food Lovers to Find and Share Recipes

If you love epicurean delights, then you would want a food and recipe website to reflect those sensory pleasures. Foodily is a beautifully designed website that does not disappoint. If you have gone through a few recipe websites like me, then you would know that we tend to like those websites that are just like the way we cook. I like my cooking to be simple and uncomplicated.

Foodily hooks you from the homepage itself. Sign up with Facebook or an email address. The food site tries to take the hard work away by offering suggestions around your favorite type of recipes. You can pick multiple categories. The categories help you connect to fellow users with similar tastes. You can choose to follow them for more recipe ideas. Foodily allows you to save recipes from your friends with a click on the ‘heart’.


Foodily’s Feed page is a one-stop resource to catch some recipes according to the categories you had selected. Large thumbnails and the neat arrangement just about prods you to turn on the burners.


This is how a typical recipe page looks like:


The Foodily search tool is where you have to ultimately go if you want to explore the richness of recipes that are around you. Type in a keyword and the comprehensive search engine sprouts results from many of the other food sites. The neat slider scrolls you through all the recipes listed.


If you are searching for quick-to-cook recipes, turn to the filters on top. Of course, you can use the other filters too in combination. For instance, if you want quick to cook low calorie recipes only.

Foodily lists each recipe with little colored icons that show the filter applied; the cook time; the list of ingredients; and the calorie count. To know the exact method of preparation, you have to go over to the source site. The list of ingredients is really helpful if you are looking for uncomplicated recipes or you want to quickly shop for it.

Foodily is also a lot about sharing and discovering great recipes in the process. Your liked recipes end up in your profile where they can be picked up by others.

Foodily and its USP lies in its beautiful design and simplicity in searching for recipes across many other food websites and blogs. Do I hear you picking up a recipe to cook tonight? Let us know if Foodily inspires you.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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