How to Set Up and Use Twitter Via Mobile SMS

We love Twitter here at GT. And we have written about it too. Be it a complete beginners Twitter guide or ways to backup Twitter stream, sharing music on your Twitter timeline or using cool symbols there, we have covered various ways to tweet and use Twitter.

You could update your Twitter status in a variety of ways and from a variety of clients but the one common thing between all of them is a working Internet connection. Without Internet connectivity, they won’t work. Which is true for any other such web based service. However, in case of Twitter, one can use a simple text message to update it. This enables even the old school folks among us who are happy with those poorly-featured-yet-sturdy-and-effective mobile handsets to use Twitter on the go.

So, today we will tell you how to update your Twitter status using mobile SMS. All you need is a phone that can send and receive SMS and few bucks in your mobile account balance. Every Twitter user should know about this. You never know when you need it (you know, trapped in a cave and need help kinda thing.. ).

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Open Twitter homepage, click on your Twitter alias on the top right corner to open a dropdown menu. In the menuclick on Settings to go to your Twitter settings page.


Step 2: Once you are on your Twitter settings page, navigate to the mobile tab to configure your country, mobile number and carrier.

Mobile Settings

Note: If you don’t find your carrier on the list of operators it means that the service is not yet available for you and you will have to wait till Twitter works out some deal with your operator.

Step 3: In the next step you will have to verify your number. The method to verify the number can be different depending on your country or network carrier. Here in my case I had to send an SMS with the keyword GO to a special number.

Verification Code

Step 4: Once the mobile number is verified you will have to choose the type of notifications you want on your mobile. You can also set your unique PIN to restrict any unauthorized updates from your phone.


Step 5: Finally set your preferred time to receive notifications and save your settings.


You can now update your Twitter timeline using SMS, just text your tweets to the special number you got ( Here is a list of numbers for all the supported countries).


Please note that Twitter does not charge for this SMS but your network operator might.

Here are some of the twitter commands you can use with your SMS to make your experience even better.


So next time you want to send an urgent direct message to one of your Twitter associates and you don’t have an internet connectivity, remember, your SMS is also powerful enough.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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