Use Switchy to Create and Manage Firefox Profiles

Few weeks ago, we discussed how we can create a new user profile in Firefox using the inbuilt profile manager. Profile manager really makes it easy to create separate profiles but it doesn’t make managing or switching between them convenient. You need to close Firefox, go back to the profile manager, select the other profile and then open it. Too many steps for someone who frequently uses different Firefox profiles for different tasks.

So today we will tell you about a tiny add-on called Switchy (for Firefox of course) using which you can easily manage your various Firefox profiles right from your browser toolbar. You can treat Switchy as a decent front end of the Firefox Profile Manager to create and manage different profiles on Firefox.

Assuming that you are working on Firefox, open the Switchy add-on page and add it to your Firefox. Once your browser restarts you will see the Switchy button at the top right corner of the screen. Let’s start with creating some profiles.


Click on the add-on and select Manager. A new Switchy Tab will open and in it you will see the complete list of profiles you currently have (if any) and a create profile button painted in red color. Click on it to invoke the profile manager.

Create Profile

In my previous post I have already talked about how you can create and delete profiles using the profile manager and thus you may consult it if you face any difficulty.

Now whenever you need to change your profile just click on the Switchy button and select the desired profile from the list. The Firefox will restart with your selected changes.

Note: Please make sure you install this add-on on every profile individually if you need it to work on it globally.

You can also assign specific websites to different profiles. Open a webpage you want to assign, click on Switchy and select Assign this page to the profile. Now configure some basic options and confirm your selection.

Add Website

The extension is a good piece of work but when I installed it for the first time it displayed some profiles that used to exist but which were deleted few weeks ago. I accidently selected a profile which never existed and after that my browser failed to open. I did a system restart but in vein. Finally I had to reinstall Firefox. So my suggestion would be to backup your existing Firefox profiles before trying this out.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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