LikeJournal Saves Your Facebook Likes As Searchable Bookmarks

Do you keep track of the number of times you click on the Like button on Facebook and share something with your friends? I don’t.. though I wish I could find a way to do so. Thanks to LikeJournal my need to track my ‘Likes’ has been solved.

Like Journal03

LikeJournal treats each Like as a bookmark. The idea behind LikeJournal is so dead simple you just wonder why Facebook doesn’t turn it into a default feature. LikeJournal sees the similarity between acknowledging something we like on Facebook to bookmarking a website we like during our browsing.

Connect LikeJournal to Facebook with your Facebook credentials and the little app starts logging all your Facebook likes. This is how it pans out across your screen:

Like Journal01

LikeJournal makes all the recorded ‘Likes’ searchable. You can also tag each individual Like and keep them better organized. It’s not any different from organizing bookmarks in your browser. One of the more useful features is the icon which shows the total number of Likes as well as the option to ‘unlike’ a link with a click.

You can also build up your own little network here by following Facebook friends who are on LikeJournal. You can view their Likes via the Likes Feed tab.

Like Journal02

LikeJournal gives you a Firefox add-on and a Chrome extension that also enables you to track Facebook likes on other websites. Unfortunately, the Firefox add-on is not compatible with current version of the browser, but you can try out the functional Chrome extension.

LikeJournal is a very simple implementation of a very simple idea. Facebook Likes could end up as an important resource down the line, and you do need a tool to keep track of them.

Did Facebook miss a trick here? Would you like this to be a default feature on Facebook? Tell us what you think of the app.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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