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The one thing that comes to our mind when we utter the word office is piles of documents lying here and there. Well, the obvious solution is digitizing them and that can prevent the paper from flying around in the office, but don’t get fooled, because while digitization of paper docs gives us cleaner and more organized offices, they come with their own headaches.

With so many file formats to choose form one may find himself in a state of complete panic while handling documents. To rescue you from such situations, Investintech – a company that produces PDF tools – brings some free office related tools to view or convert your documents in faster and simpler way.

Currently they provide five free tools to help you with your work. Let’s have a brief look at each of them.

Slim PDF Reader

Slim PDF reader, as the name suggests, is a PDF reader that’s light on resources and small in size. It’s currently the smallest desktop PDF Reader in the world and if you just want to read and print your PDF files Slim PDF Reader will never let you down.

Slim Pdf Reader

You can view any PDF file using the tool but one thing I thought was lagging was the tabbed interface. Although you can open more than once instance of Slim PDF Reader to open many PDF files at the same time but I personally prefer tabbed interfaces over non-tabbed ones.

Overall, the simplest and lightest PDF reader I have ever come across.

Docx to Doc Online Converter

Yet to upgrade your Microsoft Office suite? Client always mails documents in that pesky .docx format? Well as these formats are not backwards compatible there is no way to open them offline unless you upgrade your Office suit… or unless you convert them.

Docx To Doc

Using Investintech Docx converter you can easily convert any .docx file to .doc file format and then open it on your older Office suite of tools. Just upload the document and wait for the tool to convert it. Once processed you can download the document in older format.

PDF to HTML Online

If you own a website or blog there may be a few times you need to display a PDF file to your readers. You can embed your PDF files using online Flash tools but they are bulky and take time to load. Well, a better alternative is to convert the PDF to a HTML file and then publish the HTML code on their webpages so that the user can see your PDF file in plain simple HTML format.

Pdf To Html

Once you upload and convert the file using the Investintech PDF to HTML converter you will be given a unique HTML code which you can use as per your comfort.

CSS Templates

Css Templates

Are you planning to host an HTML website? You can have a look at these 12 original and 100% free CSS templates that you can download and use to build your new website without any restriction of any kind.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Ppt Templates

Need a PowerPoint template for your next upcoming presentation? You can visit Investintech free PowerPoint templates and choose from 12 unique free templates for your next big presentation.

If you are not averse to paying for software, they also offer a number of paid tools that you could take a look on their site. Overall, some handy utilities that one could use now and then.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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