Search Your Personal Browsing History From Anywhere With Infoaxe

Most of us are usually quite protective about our browsing history and frown upon add-ons that record it without us knowing. But then, there are others who’d like to have their browsing history at their tips all the time so that they could search through it and dig up useful information.

Infoaxe is an alternative search engine which searches through your web history. It is more appropriately defined as a search engine for your web memory. Infoaxe looks and feels pretty much like a regular search engine. It differs only in the way it operates in the background. Let’s take a look at this distinction.

How does Infoaxe Work as a Personal Search Engine?


Infoaxe works by indexing every webpage you visit in real time. All these webpages get added automatically to a collection called your Personal Web Memory. Unlike other bookmarking services on the web, you do not need to manually add the pages.

Infoaxe adopts an umbrella approach by indexing all pages which you visit and then it makes the collection searchable across all computers. Infoaxe also gives you few more organizational tools that make handling all your personal web memory easier. Let’s see how you can start off with Infoaxe

The Browser Toolbar


Infoaxe functions via a browser toolbar which you can install in a jiffy. You need to sign-in before you can download the toolbar. The toolbar has a few buttons which are self-explanatory. Clicking on Home will always take you to the Infoaxe page with the search box. You can of course search using the little search box on the toolbar itself.


Infoaxe also gives you search results from Google to complement the search results from your personal history. You can share pages with others and view what they have shared publicly too via Friend Share. Tagging pages stored in your web memory with your friends is also very convenient with Infoaxe.

Browsing your History

You can view all pages indexed by Infoaxe in your own account. Infoaxe only indexes publicly available webpages. It will not index pages like your Gmail account, Facebook, or online bank accounts. As your personal browsing history is archived on Infoaxe’s web servers, you can browse your personal history from any other computer by signing into the service.


As Infoaxe store webpages with timestamps, it enables you to ‘pivot’ around web pages seen in the past to see other pages that you visited at the same time. This is something you are not going to get from a normal web search.

You really don’t have to worry about remembering webpages you visited and forgot to bookmark. Infoaxe as a web bookmarking service is unique in the way it takes the manual ‘labor’ out of it. Now, with any such service, privacy concerns are bound to rise so reading through their privacy page is recommended.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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