Add Cool Photo Filters Online to Your Photos With Picfull

The rise of social networks like Facebook has given rise to another spare time activity – changing your DP or your display pic. Now, it’s not enough to simply upload a simple snap; you have to embellish it with some cool effects to stand out from the crowd. And helping to do so are the many free online photo editing applications.  We tried out 10 Superb Online Tools For Fun Photo Effects, and even they scratched the surface when it comes to the wide array of photo effects apps.

Picfull is the new kid on the block. Though in all probability it won’t disturb the pecking order of free online photo editing apps right now, Picfull offers speed and simplicity. Its specialty is photo filters like the ones offered by apps like Instagram for iPhone and Flickr app for Android. Nice tool for the guy who needs to enhance his photo in a jiffy without getting bogged down by too many options.


Picfull doesn’t ask for a registration. You can straightaway start with the tool by clicking on the large green Edit your photo now button.

The interface is designed to be a no-brainer. Large clearly labeled buttons and a simple three step operation – Choose Photo, Apply Effects, and Save. Of course, if you don’t like the effect you can always click on Cancel (or Undo) and go back to square one.


Picfull is all about effects or photo filters as they call it. You have 18 of them with their own individual controls that allow you to fine tune the filters. What’s quick about Picfull is that you can try out each effect one after the other till you get the right look. A click on Undo returns the photo to the original state.


Note that not all effects will go with your particular photograph. For instance, I just couldn’t get the Pen Outline look right on my own mug-shot. Though, I had better luck with Old Colored and Pencil Strokes.

Start to finish it takes you less than five minutes to download a Picfull enhanced photo. Try it out yourself and tell us about your pick of the coolest photo filter on Picfull.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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