How to Stop Programs From Adding Themselves to Windows Startup

One of the things I am paranoid about is the Windows boot up time. Yes, I just can’t stand delay in my boot process and thus I use software (currently using Soluto) to either remove the program from the startup process or delay the process by few seconds so that the application does not mess-up with my start-up time.

No doubt these applications can handle software which automatically inject them to the startup, but what if there’s a way we can stop the program to make any changes in the windows registry thereby preventing them to automatically add themselves to the startup list.

StartupEye is a nifty tool for Windows that runs in background and notifies user as soon as any program tries to add itself to Windows system startup. It means, now no program can make decisions regarding your computer boot process without your consent.


Ironically, this means that this program should always run itself when your PC is starting up but it’s a small price to pay and nevertheless, the program is so light that you will hardly notice its impact.

Once you have the program running in the background you will receive instant notifications on your desktop along with alarm sounds whenever any program tries to write itself to the Windows startup registry.

Registry Chnges

The notification will display the Registry Sub keys that the program will edit along with the date/time stamp and file location of the program that will run at the Windows startup. User can now click on ok to keep the program in the Windows startup process. To exclude the file from the startup process you can click on delete button.


If a user is not sure about how legit a program is, he can upload the file on Virus Total using Scan File button and see the scan result online.

Virus Total Uploader

The above mentioned download link is from CNET and is provided by the developer himself. Lately, CNET has been clubbing other programs with the downloads so you may also consider downloading this program from Softpedia.

My Verdict

The tools is a big help really, not only to monitor the files that attach themselves to the Windows startup process but also to keep the program or delete it from the process completely. However, if you wish to go the route of delaying startup programs then you could try Quick Startup. Also remember to check our posts on startup and PC maintenance for more insights on the topic.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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