Customize Windows 8 With Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8

The last week (and yesterday) was dedicated to Windows 8. We talked about testing the developer preview as virtual machine, 10 new features Windows 8 will bring along with an in-depth view of all new Metro UI and Task Manager.

Though Windows 8 has pleasantly surprised everyone with its amazing features, nothing is perfect and in less than a fortnight of the developer version release, programmers have started finding some shortcomings and glitches and, consequently, have started working on tweaking tools.

Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8, developed by Lee Whittington from The Windows Club, is a nifty tool to tweak the Metro Start Menu settings that are unavailable to users in Windows 8 directly.

Metro Ui Tweaker

After you download the file, extract it and run the .exe file. You will see a blue colored window divided in three modules. Let’s have a look at all of them

Metro Options

Metro Option

While we were discussing about the 10 new features Windows 8, we talked about the Metro user interface and ribbon Windows Explorer. Both of these new features are amazing and make it easier for the user to interact with the operating system.

Of course, everyone is not quite comfortable with the changes and thus some would rather prefer the good old windows interface and explorer looks rather than the new Metro UI. Using the tool you can toggle the Metro Start Menu and Explorer Ribbon on or off with a click.

There are four options covering every combination of Metro UI and Explorer Ribbon. All you need to do is select the option and click apply.

Power Option

Start Menu

If you have installed and worked on Windows 8 you must have noticed that there is no way we can directly shutdown the system using the Metro Start Menu and the only thing we can do is logoff from the current session and go back to the lock screen. Once we are on lock screen we can select the restart or shutdown option for the same.

Power Oprion

Using the tool we can add these options directly to the Start menu. Once you check, apply and restart your computer you will see buttons like restart and shutdown on the Metro Start Menu.

Adding Applications/Files to the Metro Start Menu

Pin To Start Menu

When you install Windows 8 , just after your first boot you notice a green wall with some apps pinned on it. Soon you will realize “Oh! its my new start menu”.

Once you install any Windows or Metro application on your computer it will be pinned to your Metro Start Menu by default but if you want to pin some application (The ones which are portable and don’t have an installer like this tweaker itself) this tool can help you.

Browse any executable application or file and click on Add to Start Menu.

Note: User cannot add folders to the Metro Start Menu.

So go ahead and download the tweaker to customize the Metro user interface of your all new Windows.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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